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You see a lot of horrible things when you spend a lot of time on the internet. There’s that girl throwing puppies into a river a couple of weeks ago, factory workers torturing chickens, and this one video of Stella McCartney talking about foxes going mad at a fur farm (which I co-opted and used as my signature catchphrase during the summer of 2005. It was “This fox has gone mad!” in response to EVERYTHING, in the voice of Stella McCartney. I don’t know how I have any friends left). And we’re not even going to touch the marine tossing the puppy off the cliff. The point is, by now I’m pretty hardened; the stupid assholes on this planet rarely surprise me anymore. However, the news that some fuckheads in Santa Fe, N.M. did a drive-by on a FUCKING DWARF GOAT really upset me.

WHO DOES THAT? WHY? There are just so many questions! The Nigerian dwarf goat, MARIA, was just chilling in her front yard, minding her business, eating some grass or a delicious piece of garbage she had scavenged, and some douchebags just roll up and shoot her dead for shits and giggles. Maybe they were jealous? The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that Maria was quite popular; people from the neighborhood often came over in the evening to visit her and two goat companions, who could brighten their day with a “hello” nuzzle. Maybe they hate rescue animals? The women who owned Maria have a whole menagerie of animals they had adopted from bad situations and were giving a more awesome life. Maybe these fuckers just hated the sense of community these animals brought to the neighborhood. Coming up with reasons isn’t very productive, though. The point is, these fuckers are horrible people and while they are still at large, the Santa Fe police department is taking this very seriously and is going to bring them up on multiple charges (felonies!).

Instead of falling apart, this community has grown even tighter. Neighbors helped her owners comfort the dying Maria, and have also offered to spend time with the surviving animals. It’s just sad to think about people doing stuff like murdering innocent animals, especially since this isn’t such an uncommon occurrence. Reading some of the comments that this incident has generated around the internet reveals that using animals for target practice happens much more often than one would think, and I am heartbroken to read anecdotes about sheep being shot with crossbows from an ATV, and cows being shot at with semi-automatic weapons.

If you think I’m not being serious about this, allow me to direct you to several links that will make your blood run cold and your anger centers run red-hot:

  • Kids in England shooting at family pets with Airsoft and BB guns. This story includes a heartbreaking incident in which a terrified family cat was shot on the roof of her home.
  • Pigeon shoots! People actually trap pigeons in order to release them and IMMEDIATELY SHOOT THEM. They let the CHILDREN to MANGLE and TORTURE THE PIGEONS WHO DO NOT DIE RIGHT AWAY. Just for fun! Graphic video included.
  • Adorable young dogs were shot execution-style (between the eyes at point-blank range) and then deliberately placed their dead bodies for others to find.

I figured three links were enough, but the internet is rife with videos, photos, and articles of the horrible things people do to the animal friends and companions who are not only innocent but defenseless against the treachery of human behavior. I didn’t mean to end the post this way—it was mainly going to be just my outrage at and loathing of of Maria’s killers, but the additional links are just too much. Animal cruelty is just so incredibly wrong. Please pass that message along.

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