Vegenaise coming out with some bomb new flavors!  »

Here are the new Vegenaise flavors, pictorially, because I’m sick and you should feel bad for me. I tried them all at the Fancy Food Show because I’m fancy and they were all outrageously delicious. Specifically the barbecue, which would make one damn fine bbq potato salad. And the pesto vegenaise, holy shit. UGH IT WAS ALL SO GOOD. I can’t think about it right now because they’re not all right in front of me and I’m already sick — what’s the point of being sick AND sad? HUH? 

Anyway, they should be showing their faces soon in grocery stores near you, let us know if you see them and then also, send them to us!


Go Max Go announces peanut butter cups and new candy bar flavor!  »

Coming soon: two new chocolate candies from Go Max Go, “Cleo’s” and “SNAP!”

From their site:

Romeo and Juliet. Cleopatra and Antony. Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Some romances turn out better than others. At long last, our one-and-only rice-milk chocolatey coating cuddles the creamiest, dreamiest, peanut butter filling ever! So, if this combo makes you want to walk like an Egyptian, Cleo’s peanut butter cups are for you!

When your taste buds are ready to raise the roof and make some noise with a whole lotta toasty, crunchy, crisped rice POW! jammed into a hunk of rice-milk chocolatey BAM!, Holy Candy Bar!, prepare to be knocked out player, SNAP! is the bar for you!

The peanut butter cups are obviously self-explanatory but it sounds like SNAP! is basically a Hershey’s Krackle? Sounds like it. I used to love those but for some reason I’d only eat them on Halloween. I used to trade all my Raisinets for them because Raisinets are ick. You are all about to tell me you like Raisinets, aren’t you. You’re all crazy!

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