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We’ve added some smart sexy writers (we know what’s important!) to our numbers so that we can bring you even more awesome content! You guys want to meet them? YEAH YOU DO.

We totally made them answer some questions so that we can get better acquainted. It’s like a crappy corporate retreat when you join the Vegansaurus team! Fun! Here’s what they had to put up with:
1) What kinds of things do you want to write about on Vegansaurus?
2) Top three favorite things to eat!
3) What are your other favorite sites (vegan and not!)?
4) Top three favorite animals!
5) Top three awesome things about being vegan!

First up, Sarah Smart!

Sarah M. Smart is not the British soap opera actress or even the San Franciscan vegan chef. [Ed. We totally thought it was when you sent in your application and were all OMG FREE ICE CREAM FOR LIFE and then realized that wasn’t the case. Good thing you’re extra-rad!] This one was born into Meat-Eating Mecca (the American Midwest), but a gradual progression westward beginning in 2004 improved her writing and animal-loving skills, and she now scribbles in notebooks and eats tofu every day in her San Francisco kitchen with her cat, Sadie.

1. Recipes, cheapness/laziness, and SCIENCE!
2. Tofu three ways
3. Vegansaurus (duh), Broke-Ass Stuart, Wonkette, The Awl, and of course, my own site.
4. Pigs, sloths, and unicorns
5. Tofu experimentation, less constipation, not feeling like a hypocrite

Next up, Rachel Zurer!

Rachel Zurer is so excited about plants she named her cat after a bean and has a six-foot painting of a carrot in her living room. She’s a writer and radio producer and you can find out more about that on her website

1. I normally write about science and technology so I’d like to keep that up, but I’ll get to add the words “but for vegans!” to the end of every headline. Also ice cream, travel, and those touchy questions where not all vegans agree but we can agree to disagree because we love each other, right?
2. Ice cream, pie, burritos
3. For recipes I heart the PPK; for news of the nets, Boing Boing; for advice columns, the Rumpus.
4. Cats, ants, dinosaurs
5. No one gets away with pretending cheesy pasta is the appropriate thing to feed you six days in a row; eating the batter (because there’s no eggs in it, get it?); vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. I’m in love.

And then we have Jenny Bradley!

Jenny Bradley is shy, excitable and almost totally shameless. She went vegan while living in Chicago, which surprises most Californians. She understands, she has Midwest stereotypes too, until she started hanging around those crazy vegans and frequenting their tasty Chitown haunts.

1. I want to write about pop culture colliding with veganism, restaurants, recipes, and traveling while vegan. 
2. Favorite things to eat include butternut squash quesadillas from Gracias Madre in SF, Buffalo ‘Chicken’ Wrap from the Handlebar in Chicago (Buffalo seitan and vegan ranch sauce!), the creative and delicious fare my friends contribute to my vegan potluck parties.
3. I like Facebook, pretty much obsessively. Does that count as a site? Seagull Steve, Melissa Frei, Melody Stone, Red Wine and Red Heart, and any random vegan recipe site I come across. The PPK has been a lifesaver in many baking ventures!
4. I can’t pick only three animals! I’m going to say my cat, Indie, for all three. Her personality is that dynamic.
5. The culinary adventures, both in the kitchen and out on the town, throwing vegan potlucks (PBR definitely counts as a contribution), and committing to a lifestyle that benefits both animals and the environment.

And last but certainly not least, Erin Red!

Erin is a loudmouthed vegan, tattooed lady, Muau Thai Fighter and instructor, Canadian, makeup artist, and Bikram Yogini. Also, her Twitter cracks us up and keeps us entertained FOR DAYS!

1. As an athlete, I’d love to write about vegan nutrition and the benefits of a vegan diet for athletes for sure. I get fired up about omnivore stupidity and it tends to fuel some really strong opinions; it’s very easy for me to write about what’s wrong with the world, and I always like to include the positive info and vegan alternatives to wrap that stuff up. I’d also be interested in interviewing new vegans for the site. Friends and strangers—I’m one charming gal and love to talk vegan with anyone who’ll engage!
2. Kale, hummus, candy (Swedish Fish, licorice, sour watermelons, Airheads, ANY KIND OF CANDY I love candy.)
3. Twitter, Facebook, GirlieGirlArmy, CompassionateCooks, Bossip (?!?), NatalieDee, SuperVegan, Yelp, Menupages! There are plenty more but those are the ones I visit most frequently.
4. Hamsters, cats, and dogs. And squirrels. Honestly, I tweak out around any kind of animal, it’s just that those are the ones I’m most often around. I’m that person who pets and speaks to every animal I see, even when the human at the end of the leash is glaring at me.
5. The BOUNDLESS ENERGY I have. I’m honestly able to out-train every single meathead in my gym. Living my life according to my own ethics; practicing what I preach. It’s almost spiritual, it makes me feel blessed. The food, the endless, beautiful, HEALTHY food. And the unhealthy food, too. Going vegan expanded my palate and every single day I’m thrilled to discover new and delicious dishes and ingredients.

Yay to all our new writers! We are so excited to have them on board, and know they will make the site about a million times better than it already is (what that means for lots of you is that the site will finally be readable! We heard your pleas! VEGANSAURUS CARES.) 

Oh, and not only do we have these new writers, we’re going to be rolling out a lot of guest posts on fascinating topics from vegan nutrition to brand-new recipes to restaurant reviews to rants, to MORE! Watch out world because Vegansaurus is ready to take a bite out of your ass!

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