New Year’s Resolutions for vegans, part 2! What are yours?  »

That’s from my story at The Bold Italic about New Year’s Resolutions for different San Francisco characters, what are some other amazing New Year’s resolutions for vegans?

First, my turn! I’ve got more!

- Make out with Isa Chandra Moskowitz and/or Terry Hope Romero
- Veganize the turducken
- Be the person who finally converts Mark Bittman to complete veganism (you will get laid a lot with these bragging rights!)
- Get your vegan croquet club fully funded via Kickstarter
- Do not adopt another dog and/or cat and/or bunny and/or rat and/or etc.
- Purchase no more than 15 vegan cookbooks
- Build another house for when you adopt more animals and buy more vegan cookbooks

I’m not fully on my game this morning and I know there’s a million more! What are they?? Let us know in the comments and then let’s make the ultimate list and then we’ll print it out, laminate it, post it to our fridge (where we spend the most time ‘cause we’re vegan), and CONQUER IN 2012! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Please note, this is called part 2 because the lovely Samantha Cohen wrote a legit list for us a couple years ago. Question B: ARE YOU MAKING ANY OF THIS SHIZ HAPPEN? 


Hello, friends! It’s WTF Wednesday!  »

I usually stay away from new year’s resolutions because I always resolve to do more water aerobics and end up eating more cake, which isn’t really a problem for me because I love cake but it’s a problem for poor Allen who has a nervous breakdown when he opens the fridge only to be confronted with a dangerous amount of frosting and my mom spends every night over at our house chowing down on baked goods and talking with me about the old country. This year is going to be different, however.  I was going to be more positive and stop thinking bad thoughts about people, but NeNe Leakes took that one from me. Then I was going to drink more water and less soda, but Laura felt that she should handle that one this year and god help me if I share a resolution with anyone (SOCIAL SUICIDE). Then I had this amazing idea of being a better boyfriend and treating my significant other to luxury resorts and extravagant surprises, but Allen beat me to THAT, so I’ve decided to stick with something simple and unique—to swear less, and cause the grisly demise of fewer people.

The second part of my resolution is already proving super-hard* because there are people like the South Carolina State Coon Hunters Association trying to get oh-so-clever “coon hunters” license plates in order to show their pride of hunting raccoons (why?) and ensure their hunting rights are not infringed upon. There are concerns that these license plates are racist, but there seems to be very little concern that these people are proud of killing raccoons. I pose this question to you, associated coon hunters: What is the point? I know that there is some reason you want to shoot raccoons, but I just do not understand it. I read Where the Red Fern Grows in school and while I found it heart-warming, I did not understand the point of the hunting. I read it again during a horrible break-up and still didn’t understand it. You want to make yourself a hat? For what? You don’t need a hat. You need a conscience!

What is wrong with this world? Is it bear-hunting, specifically? I think it’s bear-hunting. Yes, friends, there is no way to better celebrate the season than by bagging your loved ones a bear. Just think of the joy on their faces when you present them with a bear carcass. Who wants an iPod or a DSi when you can make your own bear oil—it’s great for culinary use AND soap-making? If you agree with me, you should really sign up for 2011’s Black Bear Hunt I MEAN “HARVEST” EXTRAVAGANZA in New Jersey. Last year’s “harvest” of the state’s black bears was held from Dec. 6 to 11 and over 590 bears were successfully harvested by area hunters. A quick look at the FAQ provides one with delightful answers to all of the burning bear-harvesting questions you might have. For example, did you know that hunting (because seriously, “harvesting”?) a mother bear who is with her cubs is totally acceptable and encouraged? Hunters are supposed to take the first clear shot that comes their way so any one bear is fair game! Cubs, too? SURE! All classes and genders of black bear may be shot as long as you have the correct permit and will wait to quarter your bear until after you’ve checked it in! Wait, can I hunt the bears from an elevated position in order to give the Bears no time or means to defend themselves from my bullets? Are you an idiot? OF COURSE! As long as you buy the permit!

But that’s not enough! Let’s also subject bears to the same humiliations we subjected the other animals too during Halloween. Let’s stick a messed-up snowman in its cage at the zoo and see how happy it is!

Really? Does the look on this bear’s face not say it all? Is it not the saddest, most heart-breaking, “Oh, the humanity!” grimace that you have ever seen? Will I ever get a response to the question I ask every week: What is wrong with people?

Send me links for next week and have an awesome first Wednesday of the year!

[black bear cubs by beingmyself; cake by kizzzbeth; sad imprisoned bear by Getty via Gawker]


Save the songbirds: reuse your wrapping paper!  »

I ran across this post on about songbirds and the paper industry. Apparently, “logging of the boreal forest in Canada and Siberia is happening at a lightning-quick pace that is proving too speedy for many that live there.” What can you do? Buy recycled paper! has a similar story and tells us this issue is especially relevant during the holiday season: “Americans throw away up to 25 percent more garbage (5 million tons more than the average daily amount of 3.5 pounds of garbage we usually throw away) between Thanksgiving and the New Year.” Yowza! That’s a lot of wrapping paper! And most of it isn’t even recyclable so it has to end up in the trash (unless you recycle it yourselfget crafty!).

There are many companies that sell recycled wrapping paper but the easiest way to save trees (and birds in those trees) is not to buy wrapping paper at all. I generally wrap presents in old newspapers during the year but my mom keeps us rich in Christmas wrapping paper so I usually wrap all my presents with that. Not next year! Actually, my brother and his wife did the whole newspaper-wrapping this year. They decorated the paper with cut outs from magazines (mine had puppies and female action heros, my dad’s had naked chicks)—they were fun! And more importantly, recycled. 

[image from]

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