New York City Council bans excessive dog-chaining!  »

On Jan. 17 in New York City, the City Council passed two new pieces of legislation. One new law prohibits chaining a dog outdoors for more than three hours continuously in a 12-hour period. The penalty is up to $500 or three months in jail. Booyah! Three hours already seems like quite a bit of time to chain a dog outside, but still, this is a good step forward. It also prohibits chains that are too heavy, and choke collars. Yay! I made the mistake of watching Animal Cops the other day and a dog they rescued had been tied with a chain from a tow truck that was so heavy it had cut into his neck. I can’t watch that show! But yeah, heavy chains cause a lot of damage and pain.

Mayor Bloomberg still has to sign the legislation, but it was voted through the council 47 to one, so he would be a dick not to. 

The city also raised the license fee for an unaltered dog from $11.50 to $34; the extra money is going to programs that deal with overpopulation This is more encouragement to spay or neuter—not that ANYONE gets their dog licensed. OMJesus, when I first got Figgy in Philly, I was freaking out trying to get his license before the 60-day period after I adopted him. Then I find out NO ONE I knew had licensed their dog! In Philly, you’re supposed to reapply every year for an un-fixed dog, but you can get a lifetime license if your dog is both neutered and microchipped. That was cool. I never got Fig licensed in San Francisco but I was thinking it was OK since he was licensed in Philly? But it probably doesn’t really work like a driver’s license.

I’m not positive anyone in NYC actually gets a dog license but the few that do will be have to pay more now if they don’t spay or neuter their pup. So that’s good. The anti-dog chaining win is pretty great! Hopefully in the future they will make the allotted time shorter and shorter. Go dogs!

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