“ The problem with foie gras is that it’s not important. It’s the tyranny of a small minority of passionate people victimizing an even smaller minority of passionate people. „

The California foie gras ban finally takes effect (after eight years of fruitless searching for a “humane alternative” to gavage) in less than a week! Dana Goodyear wrote a brief post for the New Yorker about a protest of one of those creepy last chance foie gras dinners chefs are putting on here, this one in Los Angeles; the quote is from Mark Peel of Campanile and it is rich.

Did you know that foie gras protesters are actually victimizing people who eat foie gras? Victimizing! Is there anything more ridiculous than a defensive omnivore? Yes: an omnivore getting defensive about a nonsensical, disgusting luxury food.

But don’t worry, California foie gras-lovers; chefs can still serve your precious food, as long as they don’t sell it, which Bloomberg reports some chefs are totally planning to do. Or they might charge a preparation fee to customers who bring in their own foie gras! FREEDOM!


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Events for your vegan weekend!
This is Genie the pigeon, recently adopted from Mickaboo Bird Rescue! Help out Mickaboo this weekend by stopping by the Rummage Sale for the Birds on Sunday, August 1 at the Market Street Co-op (1884 Market St., at Laguna and Guerrero) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. There’ll be clothes, books, furniture, unclassifiable treasures, and if nothing pleases you, Mickaboo welcomes straight-up donations. Every cent benefits birds like young Genie here.

Of course, you had better go to the SF Vegan Bakesale tomorrow (Saturday! July 31!) in front of Mission Bicycle (766 Valencia St., between 18th and 19th Streets) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., or we’ll have no money for the good people behind Rocket Dog Rescue and the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco! And then needy puppies and people will be homeless and probably die and do you want that on your conscience? So come on over and help out, already.

Would you like to be a vegan model? No, not just being pretty and eating celery, you guys. Really, walking in an all-vegan fashion show, as part of the 2010 Vegan Expo on Oct. 2 in Albany, N.Y. Check out the details and maybe see about entering! There are no size requirements AND you could end up wearing Vegansaurus favorite Vaute Couture!

Vegan-style news items
SFoodie visited two new city farmers markets this week—one at Cow Palace, and one at Mint Plaza. They sounded nice? Not very busy, but you know, new markets, and did anyone hear about them? Did any Vegansaurus readers go? Let us know if you do! Otherwise you’re just going to have to keep reading about them on other sites because after nine months of taking it twice daily almost every day, I am never taking it again. That bus is as anarchic as the 33 after dark, but it’s twice as long and picks up more passengers with face tattoos. [SFoodie]

Overfishing is killing our oceans! Phytoplankton are vanishing from the seas at an increasingly, terrifyingly rapid rate! You know, phytoplankton, “the basis of the entire marine food chain,” the wee algae which “produce around half of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere”? You guys we are all going to die, do not reproduce. [Scocca, New Yorker, Edible SF]

This week in Fucked Up Things Humans Are Doing to Animals, meet Enviropig™! Enviropig™ has been genetically engineered by the University of Guelph to produce an extra digestive enzyme that allows Enviropig™ to digest “plant phosphorus more efficiently” than standard pig. Further, Enviropig™ requires less food and produces less waste than standard pig! You may also be interested in pigs which have had “the fat-1 gene from C. elegans" "inserted…into" them, which converts omega-6 fats into omega-3 fats inside the pig. No? Well, Europe sure is! Europe, it turns out, is crazy for Animals With Whom People Have Been Genetically Fucking Around. [Shut Up, Foodies!, NY Times]

The State Fair is such wholesome fun! Except when a pregnant cow “rampages”/”stampede[s]” through the fairgrounds while exhibitors are setting up—then the police have to shoot to kill. []

OK this is much better cow-related news: Catalonia just yesterday became the very first region (officially “autonomous community”) of Spain to completely ban bullfighting! The Spanish prime minister seems a bit miffed, and Placido Domingo is being a complete ass about it, but you know the Canary Islands banned in in 1991 and they technically “belong” to Spain, so this wasn’t even the first Spanish territory or whatever to put an end to the nastiest legally sanctioned “sport” since, what, bear-baiting? Or I guess cock-fighting is still legal in some countries. Someday. And then we’ll come for you, greyhound racing, and if our children’s children aren’t burned to death in the no-atmosphere, horse racing. OH YES. [CAS, AFP]

Have you ever had an ant invasion? How did you deal with it? What about a serious ant infestation? Tom Junod writes about a horrifying ant infestation his family endured, and as an admitted ant-freer and E.O. Wilson idolizer, I thoroughly enjoyed it. [Esquire]

Our Laura wanted to include this inspirational list of the Top 10 Things [Sherold Barr] Wish[es She] Knew Before [She] Was 30, and because I love our Laura, here it is. Some of us apparently are not afraid to expose our secret inner-hippie. Bravo for bravery, yes? Yes. [Crazy Sexy Life]

This is more the Megan Rascal beat, but it’s so hot, let’s give a girl a break: in New Hampshire, a black bear broke into a home, ate some fruit, and before running away at the sound of the garage door opening, “grabbed a stuffed bear.” OMG YOU GUYS WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. It means simultaneously tearing up and smiling, is what it means. Bear! [Daily Intel]



This week in the magazine, Jonathan Franzen reports on the widespread killing of songbirds in Europe. Here Franzen talks with Deborah Treisman about why so many people in Mediterranean countries are shooting, trapping, and eating songbirds, what is being done to stop the practice, and what chances bird populations have of surviving.

We’d recommend reading the article, but the New Yorker hasn’t made it available to nonsubscribers. BOO GIVE US FREE THINGS. No no, we understand. Just, you know, if any of you wants to let us borrow your copy of this issue when you’re done with it, that’d be awfully sweet of you.

And good job freeing some little songbirds, Jonathan Franzen! It thaws our cold, cynical hearts just a teeny, tiny fraction of a degree.


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