We heart Nicobella’s delicious vegan chocolates!  »


You guys are totes going to love Nicobella! Just read this:

We love animals, therefore do not use any animal ingredients. We donate 5% of our sales to our favorite animal organizations (Mercy for Animals, The Gentle Barn, Noah’s Ark of Locust Grove, GA and The Humane Society of the United States). We also donate any left over chocolates that have not been sold to these organizations to be used in auctions, which helps to raise money for animals in need.

Yay! And not only are the chocolates vegan, they are organic, sustainable and fair trade! I tried the Nicobella truffles above and then the “munch” snacks you see below. I LOVE THE MAPLE NUT MUNCH!!!: “Maple-nut munch is a savory healthy snack made with organic, Fair Trade 75% dark chocolate, maple coated roasted pecans and just a touch of sea salt.” OMG RIGHT? You should know by now that I love chocolate and salt together so this is right up my alley. 


I shared the treats with my coworkers because I’m so nice to them. Once again, they weren’t that interested in the fair-tradeness, sustainability or vegan…ity? But they were def interested in the chocolate part. The truffles were very popular. I think the green tea drew a lot of interest and the pumpkin chai. I liked them too but it was the Maple Nut Munch that took the show in my book. The other Munch flavors went like hot cakes as well. They are especially nice because they seem a bit healthy but still so yummy and chocolatey. 

In conclusion: Nicobella rules! The I just ordered more Maple Nut Munch today because I’m obsessed. 


Legal bit: I got these for free from the company to try!


Half-price vegan truffles! Find all the great deals with @VeganDeals!  »

Quick post guys, because why waste time reading when you could be buying vegan truffles? Check out this online deal from GatherGreen for a $6, 6-piece box of organic yum from Nicobella, shipping included. I haven’t tried these but the flavors sound awesome! Presents galore!

The only reason I know about this fabulous opportunity is because of my new favoritest Twitter feed, @vegandeals. I was going to take the time and like, interview this person who is gathering all the vegan deals around the country from sites like Groupon and tweeting them to you. But I can’t wait long enough for that. Get a Twitter, go sign up, and perhaps later we’ll have an interview with this hero of ethical consumerism.



San Francisco International Chocolate Salon tomorrow!  »

After you’ve loaded up at the East Bay Vegan Bakesale, head back to the city for the Fourth Annual San Francisco International Chocolate Salon at Fort Mason, and nom your way through 50,000 square feet of chocolate. The event isn’t entirely vegan, but with samples from TCHO, Nicobella and about 80 others, I’ll be taking a break from my two-month vegan paleo diet science experiment (more on this insanity later) to find out what’s new and vegan. For $25 online or $30 at the door you can get an all-you-can-eat-until-you-die pass.

Tomorrow’s going to be a big day, so get started now on your competitive eating stretching exercises. I’m already drinking two gallons of water every hour in preparation.

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