Hey San Francisco: This “guide cat” and her brother need a new home  »

This is Allie and Noah, two South San Franciscans who need a new home
. This is a very special pair of cats: Noah is blind and Allie has taken on the role of his “guide cat.” Their former owners, who are being being sent to Korea by the army, put a collar with a bell on Allie so Noah would always know where she is. A few days after they put the bell on Allie, Noah was getting around the house like a champ. Initially, Noah followed Allie around but now that he’s more confident, he leads the way with Allie close behind to make sure he’s all right. Allie sleeps with Noah and helps him groom himself. She even checks the litter box after he uses it to make sure he sufficiently covered his business.

Aren’t animals the sweetest? Always taking care of each other. And look at Noah’s eyes, so big! They don’t know why he went blind shortly after birth but they think, because of the size of his eyes, that it may just be a birth defect. Allie looks just like my little Mitsy and Mitsy is the best cat ever. Do we have any other owners of gray cats in the crowd? I think they must be the best! 

Allie and Noah are being fostered by the Nine Lives Foundation. If you can help the pair, call Debbie Mueller at (650) 670-7056.

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