A zero-packaging grocery store is coming to Austin this year. I can’t decide if that’s brilliant, or just good marketing for “we sell bulk foods.” I would be psyched to shop there though, because I feel like a crazy person whenever I’m trying not to spill chickpeas on the ground as I funnel them into my empty pickle jar at Berkeley Bowl. It’d be way better if we all looked like idiots with chickpeas raining down the sides of our pickle jars.

In.gredients promises to only stock produce that’s in season and is trying to go zero-waste. Yet they’re planning to carry meat and dairy, which undermines the whole “let’s save the world” concept. I emailed their press people to ask about that decision but they never got back to me, so we can now hate on them with impunity.

In related news, it’s a good thing Austin isn’t in Chicago, because that fine city doesn’t allow any bring-your-own-container love. “We are worried about people bringing in containers that are not cleaned very well and then contaminating any surface that they might touch with that,” says a public health official to the Seattle Times.

Personally, I’m not worried about that. At all. More scary: E. coli and other bacteria in my sprouts. Insane people with giant knives wanting to cut my head off. Spam.

Despite their lack of commitment to go vegan, I wish the best to the In.gredients people. They’re still looking for funding, so all the moneybags out there should maybe donate.

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