Giving out vegan candy this Halloween? Don’t forget to add your house to the list!  »

Help the lil’ vegan kids have a happy halloween! Give out vegan candy and make sure they can find it by registering at No Trick Treats! My favorite vegan candy is of course Pennsylvania’s own Peanut Chews. Those are the yum. Is anyone giving out vegan candy? Oooo my brother gives out candy, I should totes make him go vegan this year and add him to the map! I’m getting one family member at a time!


No Trick Treats, for a happy vegan Halloween!  »

This has got me pretty excited! I love the holidays and especially the ones when people give me stuff and especially when that stuff is CANDY. What am I talking about? Halloween, adoy! But what about the vegan kiddies? How do they celebrate Halloween when all those dang houses give away non-vegan candy? Enter! It’s a site dedicated to listing houses giving away candy that meets special dietary needs, including veganism! It can create a map of your area that shows only the houses giving away vegan candy. Huzzah!

However, at the moment it’s kind of sparse. Like, super-sparse. As in, no houses in San Francisco. That’s spooky! And that’s why you gotta list your house! Are you giving away vegan goodies? Goody! Tell the world! Get your friends on board! You can also print flyers from the site to spread the word and post them on telephone poles and at Rainbow or Whole Foods or wherever (side note: if you’re feeling creative, the flyers need some design help).

Did you all get your vegan candy to give away yet? OMG GET YOURSELF TOGETHER! Luckily for you, VegNews has a handy list of vegan candy for you. Did you know Airheads are vegan? And PEZ! Pez are vegan! Pez are still the best ticket in town, if you ask me.

There’s also The Natural Candy Store if you want to do your vegan candy shopping online. They’ve got some sweet Halloween candy (like the jack-o-lantern lolli at the top!). They also sell Go Max Go bars and you can’t forget those, otherwise it’s basically child abuse.

Let’s take a moment to get into the real nitty gritty: what are your thoughts on vegan trick-or-treating? Some of Vegansaurus think you should let your kid go to whichever house and make their own decision about whether or not to keep it vegan. I mean not the little ones, but the older kids who go off with their friends. Another faction suggested letting the kids go out with their friends and make up their own minds about the candy, hoping she had “armed them with enough knowledge and Go Max Go bars to make the right choice!” See, Go Max Go bars are crucial.

What about you all? If you don’t give them free choice, will your kids be all resentful and dump the vegan lifestyle as soon as they can buy their own food (hey there, Zac Young of TC:JD)? Of course if your kids have a bunch of other vegan kiddie friends, maybe you don’t have to worry about this. Thoughts?

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