Bonobos tell their pals when they score good grub  »

Bonobos are total foodies
! Likes: kiwis. Dislikes: apples. Well, no, they don’t dislike apples, they just prefer kiwis. The coolest part is, from these preferences, scientists have found bonobos communicate about their food and totally understand each other. They have five different sounds regarding food. When they first find food, they make a grunt noise. Then they do higher-pitched, long barks and little peeps to tell their pals when they find kiwis, or lower-pitched peeps and yelps to signal when they find apples. From the BBC Earth News, “The primates made these calls in sequences which the researchers recorded and played back to others. Scientists observed that the successive foragers were then able to direct their search to specific locations after listening to the calls.” So cool! They also found that the bonobos were more committed to the food search if there were kiwis involved. That’s like me with Jewish boys.

I myself prefer apples but bonobos can do no wrong! They are so awesome, having sex all the time and whatnot. They are the flower-children of the monkey world. Hey guys, don’t hate the player! Etc.

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