Nuage is a bunny of discerning tastes. Here, he demonstrates his disdain for mass-market apple branches, and his absolute love of domestic apple branches.

You want a bundle for your precious little gnawer? Get some from Vegansaurus pal Potentially Nervous! Just $20 for two pounds of branches, including shipping, and your buns (and chinchillas, and other tooth-serious animals).

I love a rabbit who knows what he likes (read: all rabbits). I want to offer two kinds of everything bunnies like to Nuage to see which he prefers. It’s like the Pepsi challenge, but way cuter and 100 percent chemical-free.


Alice’s adventures cross-country!  »

You know we love bunnies, and we particularly love the bunny stars of Potentially Nervous, best pals Bells and Nuage. Lately photo-updates have been terribly sparse, as they and their Alice move from New York to Portland, Ore. (a.k.a. Palm Beach County for vegan-hippies), but recently she posted some new ones, so we know they’re all still thriving.

Hello, rabbits! You do not look especially please to have your picture taken, but a bun’s expression can be awfully deceiving—has anyone known a bunny to smile?

Reportedly they are doing very well, and have recently reached South Dakota. You can keep track of them at Potentially Nervous blog.

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