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Ever heard of GustOrganics, on Sixth Avenue between 14th and 15th streets in Manhattan? Yeah, neither had we. But besides being a certified organic and eco-friendly restaurant, the West Village spot is on the verge of going completely vegan!

Though it’s always been vegan-friendly, GustOrganics’ proprietors are all about putting their menu where their ethics are. In other words, earning their sustainable label. Say goodbye to steak and fish and dairy and eggs: Tofu and tempeh and a whole bunch of other delicious plant-based offerings are taking over.

However, they can’t make the big switch without help, which is where we supportive vegans come in. Check out the crowdfunding campaign! GustOrganics wants to bring in renowned Brazilian chef Diego Castro to curate the new menu. The campaign expires in nine days and is still far from the proprietors’ $10,000 goal, so if you’re going to donate, you’d better get on it.

The rewards for donation are pretty sweet, but at the $75 level things get really good: a ticket to the relaunch party on November 3, when GustOrganics will celebrate its new, vegan menu. If this succeeds, it could make the restaurant a vanguard of new, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly eating. Vegan is the diet of the future, and helping GustOrganics succeed could send a big message to restaurants in New York and across the world.

Can’t donate? Use social media to spread the word. Check out GustOrganics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and show your cash-richer friends where to give!

[photo and video via GustOrganics’ Fundafeast page]

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