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Attention Angelenos! Tal Ronnen’s Crossroads has started showcasing both local and national chefs with their Sunday Suppers at Crossroads series. What does this mean, you ask?!? It means there will be even MORE reason to get your tuckus to Crossroads for their amazing food. So far, Scot Jones, their executive chef, kicked things off on December 8th with an Italian inspired menu. CIAO BELLA (the only Italian I can pretend to know, and I still Googled it).

Last week I couldn’t NOT see what Top Chef Masters/Iron Chef America/OPRAH’S PERSONAL CHEF, Chef Art Smith’s “soulful Southern menu” was all about. Seriously? Nailed it! He came around to talk to patrons and casually admitted that he and Tal had cooked a similar menu for HH Dalai Lama. You know, NBD. 
People, the fried green tomato salad!!! I DIED. (Fried food in a salad? Why didn’t I think of that??). And the Southern fried “chicken” was ON POINT. I’m from the South, so I take my fried faux meats seriously. The breading was off the chain good, ya’ll.

Don’t be too bummed you missed out (okay, maybe be slightly bummed), every Sunday there will be a guest chef and a special menu. Follow them on Twitter for the most up-to-date goings ons.


Also, they’re hosting a special 6-course, New Year’s Eve dinner with a late seating (a less expensive, earlier seating with a 5-course menu is also available, if you want to dine there and party elsewhere). The menu looks amazeballs (no surprise)! EGGNOG ICE CREAM!

Be sure to make a reservation pronto and get ready to spot some vegan celebrities! This place is a WeHo hot spot.

Pics are from Crossroads’ Twitter. 

This is a guest post by the wonderful Caroline Netschert. Caroline is an undercover east coaster living in LA, an experimental cook & recipe tester. She swings both ways: cooked & raw. You can see her latest meal or adventure on Instagram, Twitter (both @wakeupcaroline) or her amateur blog:


Check it out, NYC! The New Year’s Eve vegan tasting menu from Three Letters!  »


Three Letters’ vegan mushroom soup (to which you can add baked tofu).

Who says French restaurants can’t do vegan?! Well, my friend Peter, a hardcore French chef, for one… But not Three Letters in Brooklyn! Located in Clinton Hill, Three Letters is not a vegan restaurant but they have pretty awesome-sounding vegan options. Their chef, Pip, emailed us to let us know that in addition to an omni tasting menu this New Year’s Eve, they are having an all-vegan tasting menu! The theme is “French takes on southern American traditions.” It sounds OUT OF SIGHT:

Marinated Oyster mushroom, Leek Mignonette

Golden Turnip Soup,
  turnip green oil, safron emulsion

Pickled Shiitake
  collard green, kale chip, sesame and beets salad

Cider-Braised Seitan
  hazelnut mushroom sausage, apple potato hash, cider jus

Black Eyed Pea Cassoulet
  hen of the woods and yuba roulade, sweet onion

Chocolate Mouse
  coconut nougat, rum caramel

OMG, right? So I haven’t been here yet but Meave and I are planning a Three Letters date AT THIS VERY MOMENT! Because this stuff sounds GOOD. Like, reading the menu is making me hyper. Calm down. But this is so perfect because my omni brother loves French food so we can go here together and both be happy!

If you want to spend your NYE at Three Letters, here are the details:

First seating is at 6:30, Last at 10:30, reservations strongly suggested but the bar will be available for walk-ins.

The cost is $60, which includes a glass of bubbly.
Additional wine pairing option for $35.

Call the restaurant to make reservations: 718-622-4679

So tell me, has anyone been here already? I want to hear all about it!


Their seitan entree with walnut oil mashed potatoes and flageolet ragout.

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