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I received some free products from NYL skincare to try a while ago but I haven’t had the chance to write about it until now. What that means is, I’ve been using the heck out of it for a few months now and I officially hella love the stuff! 

First of all, it smells fresh and nice like a spa. You know, not like a specific flower or anything, rather that good, clean spa smell. Second of all, the products are so great and made my skin lovely. Third of all, everything is vegan, organic, and non-toxic. Those are three of you guys’ favorite things! And they use environmentally-friendly containers and packaging. So nice!

My very favorite thing is the Velvet Transformative Serum. It’s light but moisturizing. It absorbs into the skin quickly so it doesn’t make your face too oily. I love it! My other favorite thing is the Chamomile face wash. Again, it’s very light, but it really made my skin feel clean without making it feel too dry. And it has totally kept my blemishes (that’s pretty talk for pimples) at bay! So I’m very impressed with that. I’ve been using it every day. I will have to order more asap! 

I liked the Rosewater face wash too. That one if for dry skin. I kind of have combination skin so both face washes suited me. But I’m more worried about the oily spots I guess so I will keep with the chamomile. Oddly, I also loved the hand soap. I mean it’s not super odd but I don’t usually get very jazzed about hand soap. But this stuff just smells so good!

The only thing I was lukewarm on was the body balm. I just couldn’t really tell if it was moisturizing that much. The whipped lotion is nice though. 

imageMoral of the story: NYL is the jam! If you want to test out some of the stuff to see if you like it, they have a special on the starter kit on VeganCuts right now. That has the serum and either of the face washes, so you get my two favorite things. They also have individual sample sizes on their site. And the sample sizes have lasted me A WHILE. But I’m sure you will be back soon for the full sizes because this stuff rules!

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