Oakland City Council adopts citywide Meatless Mondays!  »


Looks like one Bay Area city is earning its MMU badge of honor! Just like the city of Los Angeles and the Oakland Unified School District, the city of Oakland has resolved that Mondays should be meatless.

What does that entail? Not the Meatless Monday police yanking the animal parts off omnivores’ plates, of course. “The resolution encourages residents to eat meat-free meals on Mondays and restaurants, businesses, and other local institutions to offer more plant-based foods at the start of every week to improve community health, environmental sustainability, and to reduce the number of animals factory farmed.”

What’s your favorite place to eat meatless in Oakland? Check out our Oakland tag for suggestions, and if we haven’t covered it, let us know! Then share the best meatless (read: animal-productless) spots with your omnivorous friends and neighbors. What if they don’t know about Timeless Coffee yet? Take them on a Monday!

[You love the MMU, the official mascot of Vegansaurus’s Meatless Mondays? Check out Megan Rascal’s entire MMU library on Flickr!]

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