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I spotted this on Gothamist and I’m not really sure what to think. It’s a spice mixture from Williamsburg called Hipster Dust and it says it’s vegan. From their site:

Hipster Dust is a vegan spice mixture that took flight in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is used in the kitchen to flavor vegetables, soups, noodles and everything else. Hipster Dust’s cult following has expanded far beyond its birthplace. Hipster Dust lovers have carried their enthusiasm for this invigorating seasoning from Brooklyn across the country, making fans of its distinct flavor along the way.

I would proudly eat something called Hipster Dust because that’s hilarious, and I mostly eat for the laughs, but I’m a little confused. Are there are lot of spice mixes that aren’t vegan? And one of the four recipes on their site is for ahi tuna.* So I’m not getting the impression they have any sort of vegan allegiance. I’m thinking it’s a marketing thing, eh? Because, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but all the cool kids are vegan.**

I’m not saying I need a product to be dedicated to veganism (Oreos, amirite?), but, like, you don’t need to bullshit us. All the same, I’d try this. I’ll let you know how it goes.

*I’m not an expert but my friend Google tells me ahi tuna is not very sustainable. Kind of a weird recipe choice for a biz that says it’s an “eco-aware company.”

** You got me, Joaquin Phoenix, Alan Cumming…checkmate, omnis. 

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