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As Laura informed us way back in August of last year, one of the owners of Oakland’s venerable Beer Revolution (aka “the place where all the beer lives”) planned to open a new place directly next store called Olde Depot Public House, with yet more beer and what Laura charmingly called “a veg eatery.” Slated to open in early fall 2012, many of us waited and waited and, upon inquiring, were invariably told that it would probably be open “next Saturday” … a day that, sadly, never seemed to arrive.

I’m pleased to report that next Saturday is officially here.

I don’t know when Rebecca and the Beer Revolution crew formally opened the doors of Olde Depot Public House, but I noticed as I walked by during lunch and popped my head in. Obviously, I returned after work to grab a beer and see what’s up with veganism’s slow, steady takeover of 3rd Street. Here’s what I learned.

First off, Olde Depot has lots of beer and another sweet, dog-friendly patio, which is positive news for fans of beer and dogs.

The menu, which will be expanding, includes salted traditional pretzels that come with mustard and are delicious. (They seemed the go-to order out on the patio. Also, they brought me an extra one by accident, so that was a bonus.) There’s perogi filled with caramelized onion and potato in a mushroom sauce. I didn’t get this the first time I stopped by, because I am an idiot, apparently, but I split an order with a friend today and they were pretty stellar. Given that they were fairly crisp, they actually seemed more in the samosa/empanada arm of the Bread Filled Savory Stuff family, but really good all the same.  

The focus is on the sausages, which are all made in-house and come with two of the different toppings, from grilled onions to fennel and dill kraut: options are Apple Sage Onion, Cherry Rosemary Herbed, “Currywurst (with curry Catsup),” and Rauch sausage. I went for the Cherry Rosemary Herbed Sausage with grilled onions and sweet peppers, and tried both the Rauch and Currywurst. All were delicious, though I think I liked the curry one the best, because it’s a sausage with curry on it.

There’s also pommes frites with a bunch of dipping options and what is described as a “daily European potato salad (rotating countries).” Today’s was Ukranian! Plus a tuna salad sandwich as a special.

It is all very exciting. I’m told you can also text your order from the Beer Rev patio and they’ll bring it to you, where presumably you already were drinking an Imperial Stout in the sun, because you are awesome.

Rick Kelley spends his days at an Oakland workers’ rights nonprofit and his evenings probably playing moderately accurate renditions of Propagandhi songs with his awesome partner and their rescued pups, Bandit and Emma. He’s currently active in organizing for an Oakland urban agriculture proposal that does not include animal exploitation, and both writes and serves on the advisory board for the Food Empowerment ProjectHe used to blog, and might do so again someday.

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