Olsen Haus spring ‘12 line!  »

Elizabeth Olsen is so talented! Get ready for warm days to show off her latest, gorgeous shoes on your happy feet. These shoes are all about sunny, sandy beaches and dancing and drinks under the moon, and we are all about them. If you are broke and overworked or underemployed, like us, take your feet on vacation and dream about going with them. Of course, all Olsenhaus shoes are vegan!

The rest of these beauties are after the jump, for your viewing convenience.

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Vegan Baby Shoe Round-up!  »

Laura’s pal Minty, the talented cartoonist and Vegansaurus interviewee, requested we do a vegan baby shoe round-up and I was like, “OMG that’s so funny! I was JUST looking at some vegan baby shoes!” And then Laura was like, “OMG Megan Rascal! You have a bun in the oven!” I was like, “No way, you need to have sex to get preggers!” So everything was sorted out. Except that conversation never happened. Well, it did, it was just all in my head. It’s like non-stop NPR up in there!

Moral of the story: baby shoe round-up!

These are from Silly Souls. They have a bunch of baby shoes! These are my favorite because hello they are pink high-tops!. They also have vegan baby Uggs which I think is hilarious and we should totally get these for our babies.* Minty says the most important thing with baby shoes is that they have 1. a flexible sole, and 2. traction so babies can get to steppin. I haven’t seen these in real life but the site says, “TPR outsole offers both traction and grip for bouncing and first steps for indoor or outdoor use. All Silly Souls shoes are designed with simple athletic construction and fit to offer your baby comfort, and cushioning for first bounces and steps.” So it seems like they have these concerns in mind. 

As my sister would say, these IsaBooties are “so precious.” IsaBooties are really cute AND eco-friendly. Plus, their site says they are pediatrician recommended and the outsole has great traction because it’s made from the same stuff rescue dogs wear! I would get them just for that reason. The dogs part, not the doctor part. That’s just how I roll. 

I don’t know much about these Native shoes but they are cute! Zappos says they are flexible for walking, etc. 

These SoftStar numbers are cute and customizable! Boy, I do like to customize. My baby’s going to have customized everything!* Plus, the site says “Sof-TouchTM feather-light soles mold to your child’s foot while providing the protection of a sturdy, non-slip shoe.” Sounds good!

These Me-In-Mind shoes are adorbs because I know so many grown dudes with shoes like this. Baby and daddy can match! In a hilarious way! It says they are non-slip but doesn’t have much more info. But they are so cute!

And finally, OlsenHaus has baby shoes! I don’t know if they meet any of our requirements BUT THEY ARE OLSENHAUS! Huzzah!

*I’m really not preggers


Flats, bitch! Alternative title: Vegan shoes, flats edition  »

I can’t recall who, but some reader was like, “Damn, Megan Rascal! Why you always trying to make me wear high heels?! You KNOW my feet are delicate!” So here, dear reader, a flats round-up! These are totally Cally-approved. I swear to your mom.

Cally calls these Cri de Coeur crochet flats “super beautiful.”

They are sweet and pretty, right? Sorry dudes, couldn’t get a bigger picture. I think these are elegant and super summery. 

Next, these nice dress shoes from Madden Girl. Cally says, “Pretty cute I don’t love the color.” What she lacks in brevity, she makes up for in punctuation. FYI, they also come in tan, they just don’t picture them on Mooshoes.

From olsenHaus, some nice sandals.

Cally likes these a lot: “Cute!!” That’s TWO exclamation points. I can’t stress the importance of that enough. I’m pretty into these too, I might buy them so leave a size 7.5 for your homegirl.

Now some Beyond Skin jawns. The sizes available are limited on this one. Cally’s reaction: “Pretty I like the low vamp.” I say, “Hey Cally, what’s the vamp?” “The vamp is how far the shoe comes up, so a normal loafer has a higher vamp than the grey ones. A really low vamp is like a shoe that shows lots of toe cleavage.” The more you know, the more you grow!

Lastly, the BoBo Estelle from Bourgeois Boheme.

Cally approved these but she don’t love them. I think they are SHARP! Cally’s official opinion: “pretty OK.” But really, that is a high rating! There’s, “OMG I love it!” Then, “pretty OK.” Then several levels of, “uggo” that I don’t subject you to.

Flats round-up complete! Booyah!


Five vegan heels I’d wear if I hated my ankles  »

Alternative title: I get cranky in high heels. But dang it, sometimes I just want to dress like a stripper. Every time I try though, I become a total asshole. A taller, hotter asshole but still, you can’t go around being a jerk just because your feet hurt. But if I were capable of tolerating them, these are the crazy high heels I would wear!

I enlisted the help of my kid sister Cally as she knows everything about fashion (and very little about anything else!). She’s such a dear, the poor girl. Ever since I found the “gmail this” bookmarklet, she gets gaggles of emails asking for her opinion on every vegan shoe from here to outer space. She’s always nice when she responds and tells me all the shoes I like are ugly. Now you too can benefit from her fashion expertise as all these shoes are Cally-approved! Let’s start this party:

Sea Peep-toe Pump from olsenHaus
. I actually managed to pick this pair out myself! Cally’s thoughts: “
I LOVE these ones. Totes cutes. You could wear them with tons of stuff and they would even be cute with tights in the winter.” Totes.

Galaxy Hokkaido Foster Glitter Pumps from Stella McCartney
. These are the hotness, or as Cally phrased it, “they are like wham bam.”
Wham bam, indeed.

Glamour Pump from Hearts of Darkness by Cri de Coeur at Mooshoes
. This pair I picked out too though it’s hard to go wrong with a black pump. But these are hella tall! And with the amount of whiskey I drink, anything over two inches is just irresponsible. Cally’s thoughts: “They are be-a-utiful. Love a good black pump.”
GoMax Ashland 13 from Lulu’s
. Now these shoes are only $31 which normally I would think is a great thing but I feel like that means you will DEFINITELY break your ankle. Cally’s thoughts on these: “Pretty shape.” Word.

Nashira from Neuaura at Mooshoes
. OK, these are not approved! They are my wild card that Cally officially rejected: “I don’t like the weird colors.” But they remind me of Mondrian and that’s dope. I’d be walking all around like, Check me out, jerks! What? I can’t hear you over how hot I am! Everyone would really like that.

That’s all for today! Let’s all thank Cally for dropping some knowledge.


Organic milk isn’t organic, Vick is a hero and cats wear sweaters, all in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

It’s 108 cats in sweaters! And one in a poncho. Let the cat-abuse comments commence!

Over at Pinnacle, read about a study that shows fur is NOT green! Hey Cananda, ADOY!

Michael Vick is getting a “Community Inspiration Award” from some organization in Virginia. I don’t want to talk about it.

Make sure you check out Victoria Moran’s Huffington Post piece about vegan fashion and how far it’s come. She mentions Pinnacle, Vaute Couture and OlsenHaus! Vegan fashion in full effect!

Head over to Grist to read just how organic Horizon milk isn’t. You can’t green-wash the devil!

On Meet The Shannons, you will find this super cool recipe for vegan fried pickles, a necessary part of your vegan Fat Tuesday celebration! What? You weren’t planning a vegan Fat Tuesday celebration?! DO YOU HATE JESUS?! AND BOOZE?! Get to planning!

Here’s a Q & A with Manifest Vegan from Vegan Consultant! I like the way she says this: “I see veganism as not just a diet, but a rejection to any non-human animal use.” Phrased like that, we don’t have to hear any BS challenges about women’s breast milk!

CNN writes all about a screening of Forks Over Knives in Atlanta. It’s a pretty boring read. Why can’t everyone be as funny and entertaining as I am?! But guess what! Dr. Esselstyn was there! I’m so jealous! He did a Q&A after the film and spoke a little about the intentional absence of the v-word. If you recall, Chow Down avoided it, too. Hey! We’re here! We’re vegan! Get used to it!

Have you been keeping up to date on the dead bottlenose dolphins washing ashore in the Gulf of Mexico? It’s up to 80 now, half of them newborns or stillbirths. WTF! Is it connected to the BP oil spill? It’s difficult to say. In my opinion, the answer is very simple: IT’S ALL BP’S FAULT AND THEY CAN GO DIE!

Let’s end on a high note! The Humane Society is having a “Dogs of Valor" competition! Go read some super awesome stories of dogs rescuing people and vote for your favorite! Honestly, I can’t decide. And I feel this will be the most important decision I make all day. Le sigh.

[Brand new Simon’s Cat cartoon! I love them because my cat makes little chirps just like that. PS: Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]


Pretty, sustainable vegan shoes with Olsenhaus!  »

On Thursday night at “Vegan Glamour in Designers of the Future,”* Olsenhaus presented a brand-new shoe to add to the label. Why a party for just one shoe? Because the designer, Pratt Institute student William Cherwin, won a challenge to create a shoe for Olsenhaus! And isn’t it gorgeous?

Yes, it is lovely, and totally on-point for spring ‘11. Man I love an ankle strap, but we do not all of us have the narrowest ankles, making a thinner ankle strap unfortunately enthicken the ankle it is strapping. A nice thick ankle wrap, like this one here, however, neatly covers all ankles thick and thin, so whether you’re bothered by your ankles or not—and for your sweet sanity’s sake JUST ACCEPT YOUR ANKLES AND MOVE ON, IGNORE MY INSANITY**—these will be terribly flattering shoes. Also, obviously, these shoes are completely vegan, made of sustainable materials, and part of the profits of their sales will be donated to Farm Sanctuary! Can’t argue with any of that. Not one bit of it.

We’ll be able to get our feet into these pretty pretty shoesies when Elizabeth Olsen releases her upcoming collection.

*Why don’t our parties have such good titles? I bet we could get 100 people to attend the dullest party ever if we named it really well.
**Please! All this ridiculousness about ankles! Thank the eras when ladies’ dresses stopped at the neck, wrists, and ankles, and gentlemen were forced to focus their ogling on very small areas of real estate. We should’ve all just been wearing unisex rompers the entire time, then at least we could’ve had equal-opportunity staring.

[photo via ecouterre]


Vegansaurus NYC: Pilgrimage to MooShoes  »

My friends! I’ve been to vegan fashion Mecca and I can now tell you with all certainty that Allah loves us! The proof is in all the beautiful vegan duds at MooShoes. OMG you KNOW Megan Rascal was dying, as I do love a nice vegan shoe. And the women working there were very nice! Even though I insinuated that their cat was fat within the first five minutes I was in the store. I’m all class! They have two cats actually who are both large and both adorbs, and apparently one will kill your dog.

What can I report? Matt & Nat are doing their thing with the wallets! Like, whoa. Novacas, olsenHaus (sorry, that’s how they write their name) and Neuaura all continue to hold it down with the hotness in the ladies’ shoe department. I bought a sweet pair of Novacas boots and I also picked up these dope Neuaura oxfords:

I know I’m currently unemployed but I have to go on INTERVIEWS, jerks! If I had to interview someone and they were wearing these shoes? I’d be like, “yes sir, I DO believe you’re a rocket scientist! Hired!” See? Easy. “Work experience” is out, dope kicks are in.

They also had shoes from Keep, some cute shirts by Herbivore and lots of stuff by Vegetarian Shoes. There were many plenty of sneakers for my homeboys in the crowd; I like a nice caramel-colored men’s dress shoe, but I didn’t see any. There were some sharp black ones though, and you guys could step up your game a little. JK! I love you! Take your shirts off! Send me pictures!

Disclaimer!: they totally gave me 10 percent off—maybe because I said I was writing about them; maybe because I’m awesome and people just love doing stuff for me all the time. Another possibility: I spent a shit-ton of money.

Bonus!: It’s around the corner from Babycakes! After I got my new interview shoes, I bounced over to Babycakes and got my interview cinnamon doughnut. No, it was just a regular cinnamon doughnut! Got ya! Oh, you.


The fancy-fancy: Vegans in faux-furs  »

The LA Times ran a nice little feature on “vegan fashion” on Sunday. Inside, a number of young designers and boutique owners explain why they run cruelty-free businesses, and it touches on reasons that consumers would want to buy vegan clothing, shoes, and accessories. Seriously, it’s decent, and only a little bit giggle-at-the-loonies. The designers—including Elizabeth Olsen of OlsenHaus, Inder Bendi of Matt & Nat, and Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture—are all middle-priced brands, less dear than Stella McCartney,* but of higher quality than “polyurethane flats from Payless.” Ew, Payless, que naco. Nothing stylish ever came out of that place.

If you’ve wished you could buy more clothes only to be stymied by all the death and destruction found in even a simple pair of underpants, do not despair: there is more out there for us than cotton and plastics. Today, Vegansaurus introduces a new feature: The Fancy-Fancy, in which we discuss fashion! Because 100 percent of us love clothes a lot, and 100 percent of us take a lot of care to ensure that what we wear reflects our beliefs as much as what we eat. Also, because this is a “living guide” as well as an “eating guide,” and you can’t say you’re really living if you don’t look good.

*Problematic, this one. She’s the only major designer I can think of who doesn’t use any leather, and of course she doesn’t use fur, but she does use wool and silk.  Presumably from well cared-for sheep and goats, like those of the Hudson Valley Fiber Farm, but I can’t find confirmation.

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