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Alexey Voyevoda repping like a boss. 

The Olympics are over, right? Thank goodness. I find the Olympics terribly annoying; I never watch sports but all of a sudden the Olympics come around and I’m supposed to watch and talk about sports 24/7! Why? Because of nationalism? You got the wrong lady.

But, I did mean to write about the two Olympians that keep to a vegan diet. According to Ecorazzi, Russian gold medalist Alexey Voyevoda and Canadian silver medalist Meagan Duhamel both follow a plant-based diet. Some sites are saying they are both vegan, but I can’t tell if it’s just diet or not. As we’ve seen, it’s usually just diet. But hey, I’m all for people eating less animal products! It’s not like they’re going to wear more leather because they stopped eating animals, so there is less suffering in the end. Of course I’d like everyone to be full-fledged vegan but you got to start somewhere. And it seems the deal breaker for many people is the diet—or rather, usually just cheese. Can people just freaking shut up about cheese already? Who cares if you think it tastes good, it causes immense cruelty! Get a grip! But I digress. 

So, yes, congrats to the plant-based Olympians, who demonstrate just how strong and healthy a vegan can be.


Veg Olympians have a fine history of athletic ass-kicking  »

London 2012 Olympic cycling road race silver medalist and vegetarian Lizzie Armistead (far left)

Are you guys watching the Olympics? This sports unenthusiast loves the Olympics, despite NBC’s U.S. ATHLETES OR GTFO approach to coverage.

My parents have super-cable, which means Olympics-viewing at their house is all-HD, with a heavy emphasis on cycling. Consequently, I saw Briton Lizzie Armistead win silver in the cycling road race on Sunday, which was tremendous. Then I read this Guardian article on veg Olympians, by Adharanand Finn, and found out that Armistead has been a vegetarian since age 10 and she became my total favorite.

The list is pretty great. Did you know that Australian swimmer Murray Rose was called “the Seaweed Streak” because of his diet? Finn says that Rose ate a vegan diet, but the delightful 1961 Sports Illustrated article he links to mentions Rose enjoying unpasteurized milk, but no other animal products.

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

You know super-runner Carl Lewis is a longtime vegan, right? Love this guy.

One Olympian Finn doesn’t mention is Venus Williams, who had made it to the third round of Olympic play as of Tuesday afternoon.

Athletics and a cruelty-free diet are an excellent match; just check out all the non-Olympic super-people going vegan! They are the mightiest, and we are proud of them. Learn more about veg Olympians through history at the Guardian.

[photo by anMarton via Flickr]

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