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Hi y’all! I know there must be at least a couple people here who like animals and bikes, right? (I mean, this IS commie liberal West Coast vegan cupcake heaven awesome San Francisco, CA.) But anyway, I’m hoping that if you do, you will support Ride to the Light, which is right around the corner!

The Ride to the Light is an annual 100-mile bike ride (a “
century” in cycling terminology) to benefit Lighthouse Lighthouse Farm SanctuaryOut to Pasture Sanctuary, and Project Hope Sanctuary. Some fearless folks from PDX started it in 2009, and that ride raised over $10,000. We’re hoping to smash that record this year by raising $15,000.

The ride takes place on Saturday, Sept. 25. We’ll be leaving from the IDA office in Portland and riding to Out to Pasture in Estacada, Ore., then on to Lighthouse in Scio, Ore. Project Hope is in Mississippi, so we won’t be making a stop there, but they’ll be with us in spirit.

Come along for the ride, or make a donation and help us reach (or even better, exceed) our goal for these three very worthy causes. People from all over (including the Bay Area! Me! Me!) are coming on this fantastic voyage, and we’d really appreciate your support! Any donation is much appreciated and we’d love to see your name on the donation page.

Please also check out our Facebook fan page to find out more about the ride. We’ve got a blog as well! Here’s a video of last year’s ride, too!

Thanks to Megan of Such a Vegan for this guest post! Read it, she’s awesome! Now, DONATE!


Sell your crap, help animals!  »

I know you, you are full of crap! So’s your house! Junk everywhere! Junk you don’t need! Genius idea: sell it on ebay! But do it through Out to Pasture’s eBay store. When you do, 10 percent of the sale goes to the Out to Pasture Sanctuary, an animal refuge for abused and neglected farm animals in Oregon. You get rid of shit you don’t need and the piggies get food and shelter—everybody wins!

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