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Events for your vegan weekend!
This is Genie the pigeon, recently adopted from Mickaboo Bird Rescue! Help out Mickaboo this weekend by stopping by the Rummage Sale for the Birds on Sunday, August 1 at the Market Street Co-op (1884 Market St., at Laguna and Guerrero) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. There’ll be clothes, books, furniture, unclassifiable treasures, and if nothing pleases you, Mickaboo welcomes straight-up donations. Every cent benefits birds like young Genie here.

Of course, you had better go to the SF Vegan Bakesale tomorrow (Saturday! July 31!) in front of Mission Bicycle (766 Valencia St., between 18th and 19th Streets) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., or we’ll have no money for the good people behind Rocket Dog Rescue and the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco! And then needy puppies and people will be homeless and probably die and do you want that on your conscience? So come on over and help out, already.

Would you like to be a vegan model? No, not just being pretty and eating celery, you guys. Really, walking in an all-vegan fashion show, as part of the 2010 Vegan Expo on Oct. 2 in Albany, N.Y. Check out the details and maybe see about entering! There are no size requirements AND you could end up wearing Vegansaurus favorite Vaute Couture!

Vegan-style news items
SFoodie visited two new city farmers markets this week—one at Cow Palace, and one at Mint Plaza. They sounded nice? Not very busy, but you know, new markets, and did anyone hear about them? Did any Vegansaurus readers go? Let us know if you do! Otherwise you’re just going to have to keep reading about them on other sites because after nine months of taking it twice daily almost every day, I am never taking it again. That bus is as anarchic as the 33 after dark, but it’s twice as long and picks up more passengers with face tattoos. [SFoodie]

Overfishing is killing our oceans! Phytoplankton are vanishing from the seas at an increasingly, terrifyingly rapid rate! You know, phytoplankton, “the basis of the entire marine food chain,” the wee algae which “produce around half of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere”? You guys we are all going to die, do not reproduce. [Scocca, New Yorker, Edible SF]

This week in Fucked Up Things Humans Are Doing to Animals, meet Enviropig™! Enviropig™ has been genetically engineered by the University of Guelph to produce an extra digestive enzyme that allows Enviropig™ to digest “plant phosphorus more efficiently” than standard pig. Further, Enviropig™ requires less food and produces less waste than standard pig! You may also be interested in pigs which have had “the fat-1 gene from C. elegans" "inserted…into" them, which converts omega-6 fats into omega-3 fats inside the pig. No? Well, Europe sure is! Europe, it turns out, is crazy for Animals With Whom People Have Been Genetically Fucking Around. [Shut Up, Foodies!, NY Times]

The State Fair is such wholesome fun! Except when a pregnant cow “rampages”/”stampede[s]” through the fairgrounds while exhibitors are setting up—then the police have to shoot to kill. []

OK this is much better cow-related news: Catalonia just yesterday became the very first region (officially “autonomous community”) of Spain to completely ban bullfighting! The Spanish prime minister seems a bit miffed, and Placido Domingo is being a complete ass about it, but you know the Canary Islands banned in in 1991 and they technically “belong” to Spain, so this wasn’t even the first Spanish territory or whatever to put an end to the nastiest legally sanctioned “sport” since, what, bear-baiting? Or I guess cock-fighting is still legal in some countries. Someday. And then we’ll come for you, greyhound racing, and if our children’s children aren’t burned to death in the no-atmosphere, horse racing. OH YES. [CAS, AFP]

Have you ever had an ant invasion? How did you deal with it? What about a serious ant infestation? Tom Junod writes about a horrifying ant infestation his family endured, and as an admitted ant-freer and E.O. Wilson idolizer, I thoroughly enjoyed it. [Esquire]

Our Laura wanted to include this inspirational list of the Top 10 Things [Sherold Barr] Wish[es She] Knew Before [She] Was 30, and because I love our Laura, here it is. Some of us apparently are not afraid to expose our secret inner-hippie. Bravo for bravery, yes? Yes. [Crazy Sexy Life]

This is more the Megan Rascal beat, but it’s so hot, let’s give a girl a break: in New Hampshire, a black bear broke into a home, ate some fruit, and before running away at the sound of the garage door opening, “grabbed a stuffed bear.” OMG YOU GUYS WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. It means simultaneously tearing up and smiling, is what it means. Bear! [Daily Intel]


JSF mania, regal vegan dining, tons of recipes, horrible tragedy and more in this week’s (bipolar) link-o-rama!  »

TODAY! That’s Friday, Nov. 6: Jonathan Safran Foer is having a book signing at UC Berkeley at 7 p.m. in the Multicultural Center! Woo!!

On Sunday, Nov. 8 at noon King of Ughs David Chang and Ubuntu’s vegetarian betrayer Jeremy Fox will appear in conversation with each other at Omnivore Books (3885 Cesar Chavez St. at Church Street). New York Times columnist (and co-author of His Majesty of Shut Up, David Chang’s new book) Peter Meehan will moderate.

JSF makes a modern Modest Proposal to omnivores: how about some delicious dog? One of your Vegansaurs’ first solid foods was dog soup. This was not a major factor in his/her decision to go vegan (GUESS WHOSE), as it only happened once, during toddlerhood; the point is, duh, all meat is equally reprehensible.

This one time, in August, Emperor David Chang of Saying Idiotic Things made a vegetarian meal, at the behest of the James Beard Foundation. Color Vegansaurus unimpressed; we’ve had at least as fancy at Brassica.

Miss Vegan Drinks? Of course you do! Thank goodness for the East Bay, who’ve been doing their thing on non-holiday Tuesdays and want to see you at their next meeting! Mix and mingle on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the Kona Club, at 4401 Piedmont Ave. at Pleasant Valley Avenue in Oakland! Details here.

Hey, Science: “Because such monkey torture will not lead to improved human health, you don’t need to be an animal rights advocate to wonder if an ethical cost-benefit analysis might conclude that the ends don’t justify the means.”

Nicolette Hahn Niman doesn’t want you to blame her ranch for the environmental problems caused by raising animals for food; after all, she says, “Singling out meat is misleading and unhelpful, especially since few people are likely to entirely abandon animal-based foods.” And anyway, ”avoiding soy from deforested croplands may be more difficult…. Brazilian soy is common (and unlabeled) in tofu and soymilk sold in American supermarkets,” so shut up and eat your Bill-Niman-de-and-renounced “happy” beef, already. JESUS LADY.

Adult Dungeness crabs are few and far between for the second consecutive year, but that won’t stop most fishermen from going out to catch as many as they (legally) can. Fishing in a “down” season makes perfect sense, hooray people.

CHOW honors local hero Bryant Terry and Queen of Vegetables Deborah Madison in its first annual awards, the CHOW 13. Too bad they have to tell us how much they looooove Ryan “literally all of the pig” Farr as well, boo.

Congratulations to friend-of-Vegansaurus Celine of Have Cake, Will Travel: her very first cookbook is out today!

For reasons as yet unknown, all the female spectacled bears in the Leipzig (Germany) Zoo have lost nearly all of their hair. They look incredibly pathetic without their usual “fluffy dark brown” fur coats.

Oh delicious, sumptuous, vegan cuisine literally good enough for the Queen: a luncheon at Windsor Castle, part of a “Celebration of Faiths and the Environment,” satisfied all the participants’ dietary requirements by eliminating all animal products from the menu! An “autumnal roasted pear salad” with “deeply savory…toasted [Kentish] cobnuts”? Yes, please!

Yobie Benjamin analyzes the most recent reviews of and data on San Francisco’s public school lunches, and determines that, duh, it can be done better, for cheaper. The notable part here is that he includes veg options in his price breakdowns. It’s not more expensive to eat vegan! OK?!!

How revolting: a guy in Cleveland had very poorly hidden the bodies of six women—who had been raped and murdered—“in and around” his house, which is next door to a sausage factory, which some people blamed for the stench. Rotting carcasses stink, be they human or other animal.

In fucked-up and depressing animal news, there’s still one organization associated with the veal calf slaughterhouse exposé that apparently supports the obscene treatment of those baby cows. Unregulated free markets always arrive at the best solutions, right?

The SF Bay Guardian makes a giant effort and reviews Greens. Revelation: it still makes good food. Your omnivorous friends will not complain (too much) about being denied their meat for one meal. Like we were saying, a new restaurant critic with some imagination re: veg food, please.

Our pals at CSA Delivery blog have been killing it with their vegan recipes lately: dolmas with caramelized leek hummus; chard and chickpea burgers with quick pickled veggies; vegetable curry; soft chili tofu. UGH SO HUNGRY.

On Saturday, Nov. 21, friends-of-Vegansaurus Farm Sanctuary are hosting a Celebration for the Turkeys dinner, “designed” by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau! Tickets cost $75 for adults and $35 for children, and are on sale now. Unless you are also a famous vegan cookbook author, this is guaranteed to be a lot tastier than your Thanksgiving dinner, so you might as well go. Plus it supports farm animals, instead of crazy relatives who drink too much/not enough; a pig will never ask you when you’re going to give it grandchildren or if you’ve put on weight.



Sweet Justice, the Eat Real Festival, ending the veg vs. omnivore wars, dairy cow tragedy, shark fin soup in the city AND MORE: the Link-o-rama!  »

Tonight! is Sweet Justice, “a benefit for the AETA 4.” A reminder lesson: The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act was introduced in 2006 by California’s own evil betrayer, Senator Dianne “fuck your civil rights” Feinstein. The AETA 4 are activists who were allegedly involved in protests against the University of California’s animal-testing policies; in February, the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the FBI arrested them on charges of “terrorist activities” under the new terms of the AETA. You know, people have taken loaded guns—semi-automatic weapons, even!—to presidential appearances this summer; what kind of agenda do the JTTF/FBI have here, bringing vague “terrorism” charges against animal rights activists? Obviously you must go to the benefit. Our pals Sugar Beat Sweets and  Violet Sweet Shoppe will be there with their delicious baked goods! Go to 1884 Market St. at 8 p.m.; entry/donation is on a $5 to $20 sliding scale.

Also starting tonight at Jack London Square in Oakland is the second annual Eat Real Festival. Admission is free (hooray!), and they have all kinds of entertainment planned, as well as a full-on farmers’ market and a beer “shed,” which somehow sounds less tacky than a garden despite the icky connotations of the word “shed.” Admission to that shed costs extra. Don your finest eating clothes—ladies, maternity dresses provide a lot of extra room for stomach expansion!—and don’t miss this opportunity to dine outdoors on the cheap. Do avoid the butchery contest on Saturday though because, puke. Go go go, eat eat eat! Fight that nasty “unnaturally thin and anemic vegan” image! Fun times through Sunday, Aug. 30.

Here’s an interview with Robert Murray, director of The End of the Line, the documentary about overfishing that ought to put an end to a lot of that bullshit pescatarianism. Remember? You saw it back in June at the Red Vic.

Serious Eats has a great piece on calling a truce between omnivore foodies and vegans/vegetarians. Obviously, we all know that loving food and being vegetarian/vegan are not mutually exclusive, but many people still don’t quite get it.

If you have $80, you can order Japanese-invented molds for growing heart- or star-shaped cucumbers! Hooray! It works like this. Simple, right? Seems like you could grow other tubular fruits and vegetables—zucchini!—in these molds too, and eat a meal comprising nothing but hearts and stars, and die of kawaii. If you don’t want to buy them for $80, you can visit Tokyo and buy them for ¥300, which while more expensive would definitely be more fun. (source: Geekologie)

Dairy cows in Switzerland are falling, or throwing themselves off the Alpine cliffs they live on, and no one knows why. It sounds like they live in paradise in comparison to the way dairy cows in the U.S. suffer, but who knows? All we can say for sure is that this is tragic, and we hope the cows’ caretakers (exploiters) solve the problem soon. Animals are not here for people to use as they like, no matter how delicious the food you can make from them may be. When was “it tastes good” ever a legitimate excuse for animal cruelty?

Let’s look at restaurant reviews in the Chronicle! Michael Bauer is quite fond of the new Plant Cafe, saying that “at times it feels as if meat is a reluctant interloper.” Agreed, Michael Bauer. More importantly, he praises “the way the restaurant incorporates vegan, raw and meat-based cuisines into a single menu,” meaning for vegans it is probably an excellent place for a compromise meal. Final selling point: the executive chef used to be the executive pastry chef at Millennium!

BiteClubEats reviews pizzerias in Sonoma and Napa counties, and comes up with Peter Lowell’s in Sebastopol, which offers vegan soy cheese! Good job, Sebastopol!

According to, of 69 restaurants in San Francisco offering shark fin soup, only four are vegetarian. What the fuck, San Francisco? You can click here to send a message to your senators about how vile shark-finning is, and how according to AnimalTourism’s research San Francisco has the highest number of restaurants sering shark fin soup in the country, which is beyond appalling. Is this city’s reputation for veg-friendliness overrated?

These baked Thai corn fritters over at Vegan Dad seem like the perfect way to use up some of that (ORGANIC PLEASE GOD DON’T GIVE MONEY TO THOSE EVIL EVIL PEOPLE) corn!

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