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It’s Paul Shapiro's Animal News You Can Use! This week, Paul is all about QUESTIONS and ANSWERS. Let's go!

Concerned about world hunger? So is Oxfam. That’s why the charity is urging meat reduction in a new piece on CNN. Oxfam points out that “the reality is that it takes massive amounts of land, water, fertilizer, oil and other resources to produce meat, significantly more than it requires to grow other nutritious and delicious kinds of food.”

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the US weren’t lagging behind the EU on laying hen protection? Well, now we’re lagging behind Israel too, as the country is now banning the barren battery cage, a move celebrated by Anonymous for Animal Rights (a campaigning group in the holy land).

Remember the crazy quote from the pork industry last week about gestation crates? Well, an industry researcher actually had a relatively progressive column in Feedstuffs this week. She writes about standard practices like gestation crates and un-anesthetized castration: “For anyone, much less an expert in animal well-being, to defend or appear unmoved by such practices must seem at worst, disgraceful, and at best, evidence of the claims that ‘factory farming’ leads to cognitive dissonance and indifference to animals.”

Looking for a bank? Well, the Animal Agriculture Alliance announced that it would no longer do business with Bank of America since BoA has a partnership with HSUS (arguing we’re an “extreme animal rights group”…).

Video of the week: Cat trains human on how to walk on leash…


The flood in Pakistan and how you can help  »

The Guardian is reporting that 20 million people have been affected by the flood in Pakistan. As the water recedes, people are returning home to find nothing left. Many people had mud houses that were completely destroyed. As always, when a disaster affects people, animals are suffering too. The information about the effects of the flood on the animals is limited but many farm animals are in danger of starvation if they don’t receive help soon. They need food, water and medical attention.

The animal-welfare sites only mention the farm animals so I’m kind of like, oh great, they can get healthy so that they can be killed for food. But not all the animals are going to be food, I’m sure some are “working” animals, and regardless, I don’t want them to die a slow, agonizing death from starvation. So I have collected a bunch of sites where you can donate money to help these animals:

The international Fund for Animals

The Brooke

WWF Pakistan

As much as I pretend I don’t, I actually do love people so I also recommend you donate either to Oxfam or you can also donate ten dollars to the UN refugee agency by texting “SWAT” to 50555. You know I love the text donations! Easy peasy.

Give what you can, guys! I know you jerks have some beer money your drunk asses could donate!

[picture from the Vets Care Club, it’s an interesting animal welfare organization]

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