Keep reveals the final Animal Collective shoe! This time for serious!  »

Hello, sailor! Your friend Megan Rascal is in love. Ew, no! Not with a person! Gross! I’m in love with the final shoe from the Keep and Animal Collective Collection. The Ramos, by Panda Bear!:

Dudes, this shoe is the hotness. This is officially my favorite of the whole collection. Like, you can tell the authorities. Cut, print, dishes are done!

Panda Bear,* a.k.a. Noah Lennox, had this to say: “I’ve always liked camouflage patterns and I’d be lying if I said the idea of blending into the environment and becoming invisible didn’t excite me a little bit.” Hmmm, sounds like someone should maybe be on suicide watch? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. Just kidding! I’m totally a doctor. Doctor of Love! Kidding again, I will die alone.

As we know from the past posts on this collection, the sale of these shoes benefits the Socorro Island Conservation fund. So you’re basically a jerk if you don’t buy them! There are two weeks left in the pre-order period, wherein buying the shoes also gets you “a cassette tape of previously unreleased music.” Incentive!

Hey, now that the whole collection is out, let’s all vote on our favorite design! After that, we can braid each others’ hair and play MASH! But for real, which one do you like best?

*I’m finding the name Panda Bear really attractive. Like, let’s bang. What? He’s not actually a panda bear! And as far as I know, not a furry so I say GAME ON.


Breaking news! Animal Collective partners with Keep, youngins rejoice!  »

Here’s a good bit of news!: Animal Collective is partnering with Keep shoes to raise money for the Socorro Island Conservation Fund! They are going to make a Keep shoe collection together! Yee-ha!

Animal Collective is like totally popular, right? The kids these days, they love them, no? I don’t know much about this newfangled music but I did see Animal Collective with Panda Bear like eight years ago during my D.C. days, before they were so popular. I’m obviously the coolest. No but I enjoyed it very much. I’m just too busy listening to Billy Paul to keep up with the kids these days! That’s right: TSOP, motherfuckers!

Pairing up dope vegan sneaks with a nice band is right up my alley! Well done, pals, well done.

[can’t see the video? watch it at!]

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