Dog’s wheelchair stolen; donations save the day!  »

Lucky with his wheelchair. Did you know what wheelchairs for dogs looked like? I didn’t!

Can you even believe this shit? Dogs cannot catch a break. Paraplegic from a car accident, 12-year-old Belgian shepherd Lucky was scootin’ around Boston on his custom-made wheelchair, mindin’ his own damn business. At the end of the day, Lucky’s human companion left the wheelchair in the yard for a spell. When he came back, it was gone! Those things cost a pretty penny ($400 to $500). There is, however, a happy ending: The organization Handicapped Pets donated a new wheelchair, so Lucky is back to walkin’ and ballin’ and sniffin’ around, as dogs are wont to do.

So riddle me this: Why would a person steal a wheelchair customized for a dog? What could he or she possibly use it for? Stealing is wrong!

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