NYC: Mardi Gras party to support carriage horses on Feb. 24th!  »

NYCLASS is having a Mardi Gras masquerade ball for the carriage horses!

From Samantha at SuperVegan, because she’s funny and I’m lazy:

Do you ever stare at a long, rectangular fish tank, waiting for your one true love to appear on the other side? That one person for whom you’d die a historically tragic death? And also that the fish were swimming in the ocean? Just me, then? Well, this is what comes to mind when I hear “masquerade.” Basically, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes locking eyes for the first time, through the enchanting, refracted light of a fish tank.

I’m pretty sure that’s how things are going to roll at the Mardi Gras masquerade that Verite Catering is organizing for Friday, February 24.

Yeah, sounds good! Plus, there’s going to be vegan king cake! I don’t know what that is but I think I heard Laura say she likes it. That’s good enough for me. Plus, I hear they hide stuff in it? I like that because it reminds me of my favorite Amelia Bedelia book where they tell her to make a “date cake” and she makes a cake with calendar clippings in it. That Amelia Bedelia! There’s also a bunch of vegan-sounding food from Verite Catering including Cajun fried seitan and eggplant jambalaya! 

Masks are strongly encouraged; But while NYCLASS tells you to “find your feathers,” I’m telling you to leave the feathers on the birds! Let’s not celebrate horses by ripping the feathers off a bunch of birds. Also, I think you should make your own mask! Ever heard of paper mache?! It’s recycled and biodegradable! Here is a DIY tutorial for making a paper mache mask and then this Threadbanger video has great decorating instructions—she uses ribbons instead of feathers! Lovely! I happen to love paper mache and there are few times when it’s a legitimate activity sans kids, so take advantage of this opportunity. 


All in all, sounds like a great event! And it’ll be easy for you guys to remember the party date because it’s the day before my birthday. 


Party at SaveABunny on Saturday!  »

SaveABunny is hosting a summertime party for bun-fundraising on Saturday, July 30! They will have “amazing food, a silent auction, cool stuff, tiki drinks and BUNNIES! Guaranteed fun and guaranteed to help support our rescue work!”

How can you say no? More importantly, how can you deny the face of a bun in need? What about the tail?

You can’t, is the answer. LOOK AT THOSE FEET.

The Beach Buns and Rum Rabbits party will happen at SaveABunny HQ in Mill Valley; please RSVP by emailing or calling (415) 388.2790. Fun in the sun with a bun!


Party at Cinnaholic tonight SAY HEEEEEY!  »

Head down to Cinnaholic tonight from 3 to 7 for some free music, good mind-blowing eats, and perhaps one of their adorable, limited-edition t-shirts, featuring a snail loving on a cinnamon roll. Because what’s cuter than a snail who can throw down when it comes to food? NOTHING. Okay, maybe baby sloths! BUT THAT’S IT. And maybe this baby hippo.

More party details here. Save us a cinnamon roll topped with rootbeer frosting and marshmallows and chocolate sauce WHAT IT’S A ROOT BEER FLOAT DUMMY. Oh man! Just had a brainstorm! Cinnaholic should TOTALLY have a Vegansaurus cinnamon roll, right?? Something with pink frosting that’s fat and awesome. Let’s rap, what are your ideas?


Rethinking nacho cheese  »

Shmooed Food’s nacho cheese sauce changed my life. I had already been making it with cashews, but Vegan Lunch Box's addition of corn starch took it to the next level.

Out of necessity, I swapped out the mild pimentos for jalapeños, cashews for pistachios, and lemon juice for lime. It. Was. DELICIOUS.

Blend the following, adding the water slowly:

•    1/4 cup pistachios
•    1 phat (and fat) juicy jalapeños
•    1 cup nutritional yeast
•    a pinch of garlic salt
•    the juice of 1 lime
•    about 2 Tbs. cornstarch
•    2 cups water
•    a dash of paprika

When dat shit is fully pureed, heat it (while whisking) until it’s thick and bubbly—about five minutes. I made it for a party last night and after 20 minutes, it looked like this: 

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