Tonight: Peanut Butter Plan party!  »

Interested in doing some immediate good? Participate in tonight’s Peanut Butter Plan sandwich-making party! RSVP at the Facebook event page, and meet at 116 Noe St. (between 14th and Henry Streets) at 7:30 p.m. to make some sandwiches!

Hang on, what is the Peanut Butter Plan? It is simple genius, is what: once a month, people get together to make pb&j sandwiches and distribute them. To whom? Well, to hungry people. PBP Founder Jory John gives a more detailed explanation.

Your Vegansaurus likes it because generally pb&js are animal-free, as well as nutritionally balanced and very good to eat. If you have the time tonight, definitely go and help out. One particularly irritating vegan stereotype is that we value animals over humans, which, OK, sometimes is true, because a lot of humans are big jerks! But starving people? Starving people at least deserve a vegan sandwich, and here’s your chance to help out! Now go! RSVP and go before I’m forced to make a “spread the love” pun and die of shame!

[photo by boeke on Flickr!]


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