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When on vacation, I find it hard to find something I can eat - on my trip to Honolulu last week, I scheduled these vegan restaurants into my trip!  There are a number of different veg restaurant guides online that can help you find places to eat when you’re on the road (or the beach)!

cilantro hummus sandwich from the peace cafeThe Peace Cafe has a beautifully simple dining room where they present delicious vegan food, and it just opened in May! The main seating in the dining room is a large communal wooden table, with seats at the window bar, and an additional small table for two.  Most of the furnishings are salvaged, like the large chalkboard menu that was a giant door in a former life. The food was so tasty, we went back again the next day—this is the kind of restaurant you could take your skeptical omnivore friends to, and they would be impressed. The Popeye Sandwich, Tempting Tempeh, Moroccan Stew, and Soy Soba Salad were all wonderful, with complex flavors and healthy ingredients. The miso soup is slightly different each day, and the local farms where the vegetables are grown are included on the specials board. The food is served in either cardboard to-go boxes or elegantly wrapped in brown parchment paper—you can eat it in their dining room or take it with you to the beach to eat after a sunny afternoon of snorkeling. They also feature handcrafted jewelry by one of their staff, made of sea-washed seashells and silver from her trips to Molokai and Maui. Since these seashells have been smoothly tumbled by the sea, you can be sure no critters were harmed in the making of this shellwear.

Loving Hut Honolulu is another started by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, but with a Hawaiian flare.  Loving Hut opened in Honolulu two months ago, refining their dishes with customer feedback, and will be having their grand opening soon!  Lunches are like a traditional Hawaiian plate lunch—except instead of a big serving of meat with your rice (brown or white), you get to pick two entree options, and the Guru Curry even has chunks of purple taro mixed in with the potatoes, tofu, carrots and onions.  The cupcakes are delicious, too—not too dense, with creamy delicious frosting. The staff are entirely vegan too, and they really care about what the customers think of their food.

This post was brought to you by our number-one source for bunny-adoption news, Anne Martin! No, not that one.

[images of cilantro hummus sandwich and assorted baked goods courtesy Peace Cafe]

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