Vegan MoFo: Marmite is England’s gift to the world  »

For today’s Vegan MoFo entry, I want to tell you guys about Marmite, the jarred food of gods. It is like MSG, but good for you, all full of B vitamins and salty, umami punch. I adore it. Seeing photos of it makes me immediately hungry.

Two Decembers ago I made the Great Vegan Conspiracy’s tattie scones with Marmite, but I’m not sure I properly stressed just how crucial Marmite is to both that recipe and my entire life.

Vegans can make gravy with Marmite!

Bread with Marmite!

Art with Marmite!

Add Marmite to your grains-cooking water for superior flavor and health. Put it on toast with vegan butter for a savory snack. Eat it off knifepoint directly from the jar for pure, unadulterated yeasty deliciousness. You can’t go wrong, unless you don’t like it, in which case, out of my kitchen.

[Photos, from top: Martin Weller, chotda, Caro Wallis, RHiNO NEAL, all via Flickr]

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