Tell the FDA to properly regulate GMO salmon before they make wild salmon extinct !  »

imageOur pal Katie Cantrell of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition wants to make us aware of two things regarding farmed GM salmon: One, that the FDA is thisclose to approving AquaAdvantage’s genetically modified salmon; two, that the FDA plans to regulate this new salmon as “an ‘animal drug’ rather than a new food product, drastically limiting the safety tests it must undergo.”

Equally disturbing, the FDA report does not assess how the salmon would affect the environment in which it is raised, because the actual farming will take place in Canada and Panama (5). The GE salmon grow twice as fast as wild salmon, and eat five times as much food (6). If the GE salmon were to escape, they would lead to the complete extinction of wild salmon within 40 fish generations. AquaAdvantage has sterilized the fish to try to prevent this, but 5-10 percent of sterilized fish are still fertile (7).

And farmed salmon do escape! FFAC invites you to participate in the FDA’s public comment period, which is open through Feb. 25. There’s a petition here asking the FDA to slow down on its approval of this salmon. Anyone concerned with the future of wild fish should read about AquaAdvantage’s product and consider signing the petition. If they are going to force this new fish on us, they should at least study it in depth so they can regulate it properly.

[Photo by Clive Moss via Flickr]



Doylestown native (that’s outside of Philly!) and singing sensation P!NK (haaaa! No but I actually kind of like the “!”) has put out a new video for her single, “Raise Your Glass” and Peta is in love with it. According to them, it was directed by vegan Dave Meyers, whose jock they ride almost as hard as they ride P!NK’s.

It’s all right. Actually I think it’s pretty funny, though I’m guessing I might be in the minority on this one? She totally kills a matador, which I like except that it’s not very bloody. More BLOOD! There’s also a bunch of women getting milk pumped from their breasts to feed a baby calf—hope that calf’s on loan from a sanctuary! It’s pretty hilarious. What else? Well, there’s some weird religious stuff I don’t get except that maybe she’s in bed with your rabbi? Like, metaphorically? I don’t know, I’m not very religious.

I thought P!NK was vegan but Wikipedia says she’s a pescatarian. LAME. I still like her. However, not as much as I like when you guys make fun of pescatarians! Someone has got to have a pescatarian lightbulb joke! Please? Come on!


Vegan wining, spiritual dining, the names of milk, the miracle of elephants and MORE in today’s link-o-rama!  »

 Sweet Avenue presents: Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson cupcakes? Marilyn Manson I can live without, but I will take all the Gaga ones RIGHT NOW, PLEASE.

Have you entered our contest yet? You could WIN A SHIRT! Come on, son!

Vegan-style events for you!
Remember, the Women Entrepreneurs Showcase happens on Sunday in Berkeley, with a vegan catered lunch for only $4! Be at the David Brower Center at 2150 Allston Way from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.—lunch begins at noon.

The Recess Ends DVD release party is set for next Friday, May 7 at Medicine Agency, 1262 Mason St. at Jackson Street in San Francisco. The Recess Ends is a documentary about national unemployment—it sounds interesting, definitely worth a look. The screening starts at 8 p.m.

Miscellaneous items of varying importance!
Pajamactivism for the day: oppose the oil and gas leasing on the Outer Continental Shelf (via Defenders of Wildlife); ask Ahold to boycott Canadian seafood (via HSUS);’ Californians, contact members of the state Senate Appropriations Committee to express your opposition to SB 1345, which would legalize the importation and sale of kangaroo meat (via BAARN). “Pajamactivism”—y/n?

Aw you guys! CNN has the sweetest article about last weekend’s Worldwide Vegan Bakesale, with lots of photos of food you want to eat and people—and animals—you want to hug. San Francisco’s will happen next weekend, because of schedules, and whatever, you’ll get your desserts.

Baby activists: you could get scholarships for your awesome veg lifestyle! The Wall Street Journal finds it all a little silly—these children and their microloans, haven’t they money of their own?—but we say, go for it!

We’ve got all kinds of non-dairy milks made of all kinds of items, but we don’t have chickpea milk—yet. Israel does, though, and yes please we would like to try it.

The dairy industry, torturers of cows for profit (and fun?), would like the entire world to stop calling all non-animal milk “milk” and start calling it “imitation milk,” toute de suite. According to the National Milk Producers Federation, “soy milk” is a “bastardization of dairy terms.” Alternatively: "soy jism." Yes, someone outside of a creepy Western romance novel full of rape and cattle-roping still uses that word.

Attention pescatarians: you may now ease your consciences by purchasing your fish at Target and Wal-Mart, two of the top five purveyors of sustainable seafood as rated by Greenpeace. We are thrilled for you.

An Antioch, Calif. animal shelter killed two pit bulls this week, in apparent violation of the Hayden Act and despite the hard work of animal advocates. Life is so awesome, you guys.

"Foodies" are vegans, by which I mean, "white, affluent cultural snobs" and “elitists” who “romanticize poverty” and are basically terrible jerks who love eating.  Get it?

On that note: need vegan wine recommendations? The Chronicle has an article about making and pairing wine in a “meat two ways!” world.

Have you been reading Fed Up with Lunch blog? This week we got a guest blog about Meatless Mondays in the NYC public school system, and another from an organic farmer in Texas.

Let’s celebrate May Day with veal for a nickel! This doesn’t make me want to punch anyone in the stomach AT ALL. I’m also not at all irritated by the “Chicken wars” title of Michael Bauer’s little blog about all the delicious fried chicken choices in Southeast Kansas. “Chicken wars—whose tortured, murdered chicken has been prepared most tastily?” Man, fuck you guys.

OK, deep, cleansing breath: perhaps a visit to one of our fine city’s many cult-ish religion-run veg restaurants would help. Jackson West seemed to have a lovely time at all of them (I have been craving Golden Era for weeks, incidentally).

You can’t get Pizza Hut on military bases anymore, but you can get it in some prisons. Thanks, Aramark!

The down in your lovely soft comforter was most likely plucked from a living goose, which “constitutes torture.” Because you can only pluck a dead goose once, but you can pluck a living goose up to four times before you have to kill it! HA HA HA.

Letterman and his audience may find the idea of chicken activism high-larious, but after Ira Glass visited a rescued chicken farm, he went vegetarian. Fuck yeah Karen Davis!

The internet’s been all up in a bunch about discovering that chimpanzees grasp the concepts of “dying” and “death,” but I feel like Jane Goodall sort of already knew this 40 years ago? Regardless: if this leads to NEVER EXPERIMENTING ON THEM AGAIN, I’ll be happy; otherwise, science can shut the fuck up with its amazing animal discoveries and no heart.

You know what other animals are amazing? Elephants, duh! This week, an elephant in the Houston zoo made friends with a pit bull, which is apparently the only way a pit bull can be adopted in Houston, Texas. An elephant and dog in Tennessee are best friends, too, though that’s on an elephant sanctuary rather than a gross-out zoo. We also learned this week that elephants have a specific word meaning “let’s get out of here, there are bees around,” leading me to believe elephant language is rather like German.


The kid in the “Is Veganism Safe for Kids?” Scare? He’s a PESCATARIAN. OMG, SHUT UP, MEDIA. Oh also, same article says vegan diets are TOTALLY SAFE FOR KIDS. OMG SHUT UP AGAIN, MEDIA. (I apologize for this title! I am out of control! Love, Laura)  »

The Guardian posted a somewhat interesting article (nothing fully interests me anymore, le sigh) called “Is Veganism Safe for Kids?" It’s pretty mild and basically she’s like, give the kids supplements and vegan kids are probs healthier than non-vegan kids (I almost wrote "regular kids," but then I was like, what the eff are you trying to say about vegans, Megan Rascal?). I thought it was pretty positive overall, but I’m like the mayor of being wrong so who knows. It sounds good to me, though:

Amanda Baker at the Vegan Society says the real issue isn’t whether a child’s diet is vegan or not, or restricted or not-–the important thing is whether it’s healthy. “There are plenty of children who are eating a bad diet, and they’re not vegan,” she says. “Vegan parents have to plan their child’s food carefully. Of course there are pitfalls, but there are pitfalls for all parents and for any diet.

"The reality is that vegan parents are more likely to cook at home, and are likely to be very knowledgeable about nutrition because they have had to make a lot of effort to follow the diet they do. Many of them follow a wholefood diet, and avoid trans-fats and too much salt. It’s actually much easier for vegans and their children to meet the five-a-day guidelines than for other people."

The article was sparked by a recent case where social workers totally tried to take this kid from his parents because they thought his dairy-free diet gave him rickets. What the hell are rickets? I mean I know I can look it up but I’ve got the tireds so forgive me. But for real, rickets sounds like something you’d get in medieval times.

One important note: the kid isn’t even vegan, he’s pescatarian (sorry I said the P word! I just want everybody to make fun of pescatarians because it’s hilarious).

In cuter vegan kid topics, this seems like a good time to mention my favorite website everrr, It’s the best! Just lots and lots of cute-ass bento boxes filled with vegan goodies. There’s even a book! I have no kids and I have no bento boxes but I love this site.


Achtung, pescatarians!  »

SFist alerts you to the risk of “sport-caught shellfish” from Santa Cruz county carrying a neurotoxin called domoic acid, which causes amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP). Of course, the key is that most shellfish people buy in stores or eat in restaurant is commercially caught, and thus “subject to frequent and mandatory testing.”

Domoic acid buildup in shellfish is caused by certain algal blooms. ASP can cause brain damage in humans, and seizures in marine mammals. Sounds awesome.

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