Pigs in your blankets, our jerk governor, stopping animal-torture porn, chocolates good and bad, and hottt vegan action in this week’s HUGE-ASS link-o-rama!  »

Hey North Bay, busy on Monday, Sept. 21? There’s a sign-making party in Petaluma for World Farmed Animals Day (coming up!) that you could attend. Contact Kate Danaher for further information—location, supplies needed, etc.— and be ready for action from 6 to 9 p.m.

Win an ice cream party with Coconut Bliss ice cream! You guys this stuff is AMAZING, the cappuccino flavor is the best coffee ice cream I’ve ever tasted. Enter the contest, invite Vegansaurus, have the NIGHT of your LIFE.

California passed Prop. 2 in November, totally awesome! Going further, the state legislature recently passed a bill banning tail-docking in the dairy industry—just the kind of action we hoped the vote would spur. UNFORTUNATELY, our meathead (hilarious!!!) governor still has not signed that bill into law. All kinds of good-looking and/or famous people support it; join them, California residents, and tell that overtanned insanator to end the needless suffering of dairy cows already.

Farm Sanctuary’s newsletter, incidentally, is attractive and informative; if you need more email, this is something worth reading.

SF Appeal ran a great piece about how to get vegan options into restaurants, and it includes an interview with Laura so what’s not to love? No, really. SAY IT TO MY FACE. Signed, Laura.

You know who’s awesome? No, besides Laura: our pal Amit Gupta! His brand-spanking*-new book, Photojojo, is in the top 10 in its Amazon category! He is the most Super Amit we know!

What’s wrong with the world: Torture porn is back! Or, “back,” because, what in the HELL? Help HSUS remind Congress that filming the cruel deaths of animals for people’s sexual gratification is FUCKED UP BEYOND BELIEF and should be banned forever, no question. Honestly, what kind of freakshow wouldn’t ban this?

Ezra Klein, Vegansaurus’ honorary little brother, is extremely concerned by all the antibiotics in your animals—a full 70 percent of antibiotics in the U.S. are used in “food animal production,” which is dooming meat-eaters to death by super-bacteria, like, tomorrow. Whoops, guys.

Who wants to make a pink dinosaur these magical-looking Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles? The new PPK cookbook, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, is nearly here!

Meat chocolate. With salami aftertaste. On purpose. Gag.

An employee of a Brazilian McDonald’s sued the company, using Super Size Me as evidence to prove that eating the devil’s own food-type products daily for two years had deleterious effects on his health. Ooh, someone sued McDonald’s, thrilling—except, he didn’t introduce the film until his appeal, which he won. Fuck yeah, little guy.

The Oakland Fire Department responded to a “shots fired” call in May, and found the victim to be an itty bitty pit bull puppy with multiple gunshot wounds! They named him Remy, and thanks to their efforts he is better, but not fully recovered. Oakland Animal Shelter is asking for donations to cover the costs of the many surgeries poor little Remy has had and will need. If everyone who entered our contests donated $5, it’d be really helpful. You cannot deny the puppy in a cast.

Did you know that Vegansaurus (OK, Meave) loves the opera? SFMike of Civic Center blog says that opening night is a terrible time to go, but Leah Garchik reports a bright spot: While “[f]ewer than 10 dinner guests had RSVP’d pledges of allegiance to broccoli; at dinner, 170 declared themselves veggies.” It appears as if the upper echelons of San Francisco society have decided eating veg is in (again?), to which we say, lay off the fur and we can be BFFs, you beautiful lunatics. brings us news from Harvard, specifically that The Crimson editorial board supports campus-wide “Meatless Mondays” and demands more and better vegetarian dishes in the dining halls. You smartypants overprivileged Muppet Babies have your hearts in the right place; demand and ye shall receive! (that’s how it works for you guys, right?)

Dutch designer Christien Meindertsma traced what happened to the body parts of a specific commercially raised pig and discovered a lot more than packaged meat. As savvy Vegansaurus readers will already know, that single pig wound up in 185 items. SO GROSS. The best/worst part is all of the non-food items the pig is used in automobile paint, cigarette filters, chewing gum and best of all, BULLETS. It’s extremely frustrating being vegan in a world like this.

Several Football stars are going (mostly) vegan. I mean, bros who play football are like, the very definition of manly, right? I mean they beat each other up and grab crotches all day long and these ones (the manliest of all!) happen to sit down to organic, vegan meals. How delightful! Is taken?

Ooh, Vegan Month of Food 2009 is coming! How will we top last year’s? It is a mystery only TIME WILL TELL!!

The Babycakes ladies are crazy, right? Probably! But we can certainly appreciate** their love of frosting.

*yow! The link-o-rama is racy today! all making painful jokes with single-entendres and using words like “racy.” The heat is getting to us!
the only difference between this scenario and Saturdays at Vegansaurus HQ is that our frosting, ahem, “escapades” involve swimsuits and aprons instead of matching onesies. yow!


A million recipes, a whole bunch of videos, some adorable (rescued!) animals, another fruit in a cute shape AND MORE: Friday link-o-rama!  »

The Cute Show visits an alpaca farm. It is unsettling to hear the farm children talk about the little creatures in terms of fleece quality, but I advise ignoring them and focusing on the unbearable squeezeability of the alpacas. Look at their furry little legs and their fuzzy heads! Look at the little bitty blue-eyed deaf one! It’s only four days old you can pick it up and snuggle it LOVE YOU ALPACAS.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau makes the best tuna salad and quesadillas you’ll ever eat: the kind without tuna or cheese! Yes, really. Instructional video and recipes here.

WAY better than the heart- and star-shaped cucumbers: buddha-shaped pears! Will someone in Europe please send us some? Label them “trinkets” or whatever on the customs form, you KNOW how California is about importing produce. Dear state of California, we promise not to let these pears’ seeds come anywhere near your fertile soil.

There’s going to be a small, open-air fall farmers market just around the corner from the White House!

Activism had some effect! Remember how in The Cove, some of the dolphins were sold to aquariums, and the rest were murdered to be sold for meat? Well! Because of international pressure created by audiences of the film, the Japanese town responsible for this horror show has promised not to slaughter the dolphins in the season’s first “catch” (ugh). Instead, the people say they’ll release the dolphins they don’t sell live. Yes that’s still far from ideal, but it’s a huge improvement over mass murder.

San Francisco city Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi introduced an ordinance this week to prohibit the procedure known as declawing on cats. For all the nothing that our local government seems to accomplish, this little piece of legislation is at least a little compensation:

"…[D]eclawing and tendonectomy are inhumane procedures that cause pain, anguish and permanent disability to a cat, and frequently result in behavioral and personality changes in cats subjected to those procedures. The primary benefit of the procedures—the convenience of pet owners—is outweighed by the cruelty of the procedures. It is inappropriate to remove parts of an animal’s anatomy, thereby causing the animal pain and suffering, and restricting and altering its natural behaviors, simply to fit the owner’s lifestyle, aesthetics or convenience, without benefit to the animal."

We like our Board of Supes with a little righteous anger.

Make cheezy quackers with Celine of Have Cake, Will Travel! She’s adorable, they’re adorable, there is nothing not adorable (and delicious!) about this video.

The recipe for “Ultimate Vegan Hot Wingz” over at Vegan Dad looks too good! If I make these, don’t expect to get any! Just me and the hot wingz and LEAVE ME ALONE I’M STARVING.

Har har: Quarry Girl announces the release of their iPhone app, which allows you to just push buttons instead of talking to people. This is all you talk about anyway, right?

MORE DELICIOUS FOOD ALERT! Carrie at Map Mistress tells us how to roast perfect sweet potatoes (Hey! It’s almost fall! CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THIS SHIT IT WAS JUST NEW YEAR’S!) and I know this was mentioned before but VEGAN CHEDDAR CHEESE BISCUITS over at It’s Faturday. That truly calls for a what what in the butt shout out.

Eater SF has a few photos from inside Gracias Madre, the vegan nuevo Latino restaurant by the Cafe Gratitude people. It’s set to open in “late summer 2009,” which technically means anytime between now and Sept. 21. Who’s taking me when it opens? I will eat raw vegan nuevo Latino ANYTHING, especially with those Gratitude nut cheeses, they are the best.

Hey, it’s National Cholesterol Month. You know who has super-duper excellent blood cholesterol? Vegans! Oh yes. Encourage all your non-vegan friends and family members to get their cholesterol levels checked, while you eat dairy-free ice cream out of the carton, in front of them. Because usually you are good and can keep your smugness to a minimum, but no one’s perfect, and basically the NIH is asking you to rub your better health in everyone else’s face, so why not?

A box turtle with prosthetic limbs. There is nothing more sweetly pathetic on this earth. [via Cute Overload]


Hunting produce with flash, eating street food with a ‘stache, making Cuban yucca mash: awful rhymes AND MORE in this Friday’s link-o-rama!  »

TONIGHT, Friday Aug. 7 at 7:30, the Street Cart people are having another get-together, this one mustache-themed. I don’t know, to me a lone mustache is either a sign of being a dad (good), or having a lot invested in your ability to grow facial hair (bad/creepy). You can check I Love Street Food’s twitter for the location. Also, 7x7 magazine wrote a little guide matching bars with the nearest available food carts, maybe you want to check it out?

Epicurious created an “interactive [read: all-flash] map" that allows you to look up the current fresh produce "in your area [read: state], plus find ingredient descriptions, shopping guides, recipes, and tips." Of course, when I clicked on one of California’s August-ripe items, figs, none of the recipes was vegan and maybe three were even vegetarian, so perhaps that section isn’t as useful. The guide to determining a fig’s ripeness and quality was helpful, though.

Get ready to get crazy because there is something happening in Petaluma. Yes! On Sunday, Aug. 16th at 7 p.m., the Aqus Cafe will show the 2008 documentary Processed People as part of the Petaluma Film Series. The film runs 40 minutes, and concerns the extreme costs attributed to consuming “fast food, fast medicine, [and] fast news.” The Farm Animal Protection Project will sponsor this screening.

Laura had the good pleasure of meeting and eating the cupcakes of (NOT LIKE THAT PERV) the delightful Tessa Strauss of That’s One Tough Cookie at the delightful¬†VegNews office. Please check out her blog and marvel in the beauty of her creations and let her know that you would jump at the chance to buy some for weddings and funerals and stuff. They taste AS GOOD if not BETTER than they look.¬†Also, CHAMPAGNE CUPCAKES WHAT BRING IT. Anyway, awesome. I’m not sure if I’m even able to communicate in English anymore.

The adorable Megan of The (adorable) Sisters Vegan is testing out recipes for Terry Hope Romero’s new cookbook Vegan Latina (Amazon calls the title Latin Vegan, not sure what’s up with that), and her tester photos are driving us FUCKING CRAZY with anticipation.

Are you going to SF Chefs. Food. Wine.? Don’t forget your Vegansaurus event guide! Here’s an interview with Jamie Lauren about making a hot dog. Huh.

Surprise, surprise: Epicurious previewed a new cooking game for the Wii, and the participants got to make steak! And hamburgers! There’s nothing in the article that explains what would happen if you fed the game’s judges undercooked meat—but as it’s sponsored by the Food Network, the answer is probably not “cause them to die of e. coli poisoning.”

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