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Are you a Megan or do you have a Megan in your life? Come forth and be counted! There is a Megan in danger and we must do something about it! There is a poor 22-year-old chimp named Megan stuck in a horrible lab at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette’s New Iberia Research Center:

[Video is not scary, just sad. Can’t see it? Watch it on]

If you want to see what else goes on at the NIRC, there’s some effed-up footage from a Humane Society undercover investigation. Bonus: Not only did the undercover investigator find tons of animal welfare violations—i.e., they are breaking laws—this lab is also getting millions of dollars from the government to do this! 

More about Megan from the Humane Society:

Seeking Justice for Chimpanzees
On Mar. 15, 2011, in an effort to bring New Iberia to justice and have any infants bred illegally sent to sanctuary, we filed legal petitions with the U.S. Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services.

Megan is just one of the government-owned chimpanzees at New Iberia who gave birth to several babies despite a contractual agreement that the laboratory won’t breed government-owned or supported chimpanzees. If successful, our petitions could help to free Megan and her babies from the confinements of the lab. But with your help, Megan, along with her group of eight companions could all be saved sooner.

Please help retire Megan and the other chimpanzees in her group to sanctuary.

Megan was in this annoying program to test her intelligence but that program is now cancelled, so they are trying to decide if they should retire Megan (YES) and her pals to a sanctuary, or send them off to be in even worse, medically invasive experiments (NO)! That’s the thanks she gets after they use her up? Heartless.

Megans and those who have ever loved a Megan, I call upon you! “Like” my Megans United to Save Megan the Lab Chimp Facebook page to show your solidarity and—at the very least!—fill out this form to send a message to University of Louisiana-Lafayette’s president, Dr. E. Joseph Savoie, and the Director of the National Center for Research Resources, Dr. Barbara Alving. Megan and her co-prisoners are called “Group Megan,” so tell them you want to FREE GROUP MEGAN!

You can also donate here to help all the lab chimps in this screwed-up country. And please, tell everyone about Group Megan and Megans United to Save Megan the Lab Chimp! And guys, let’s plan some big things! I want to see Group Megan’s retirement party on the Today Show! We have a Facebook page; what should we do now?!

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