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Seitan Is My Motor is not only a cute reference to a clever song by Cake, it’s also an amazing food blog by vegan maven Mihl. She’s been blogging for over three years and has amassed quite a collection of recipes in her blog’s expansive index. And she doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity, not a bit of it. Her photos are light and stunning (how does she do that? She has mad skills), and her prose is clear and unassuming.

Take a look at her beautiful photo of this mouthwatering Pflaumenkuchen (plum cake), which has ENTIRE PLUMS baked into the top of it. I’ve been dreaming about this cake ever since she posted, and only the cruelest tricks and whimsies of fate have prevented me from making it.

If you’re still not convinced, because you’re a total freak, know that the lovely Mihl lives in Dresden and posts selected recipes on a version of her site that is entirely auf deutsch. You have been looking for an opportunity to practice your German, haven’t you? How is she so amazing? I’ll let her explain for herself:

Vegansaurus: When did you start Seitan Is My Motor?
Mihl: Right away when I went vegan back in April 2007.

What inspired you to start a food blog?
The correct question would be “who inspired you?” When I thought about making the switch from vegetarianism to veganism, I started to read vegan food blogs. They provided so much information and since they were packed with awesome vegan recipes, they made the switch to go vegan very easy for me. I talked to my boyfriend about how awesome these blogs were and he suggested to start one as well. He even bought a digital camera. That’s how I started my blog.

What motivates you to keep blogging?
Several things. First of all, my readers, all the people who leave comments or just read my blog. Right from the beginning I got wonderful feedback and I met some awesome people through blogging. People from all over the world stop by my blog and I feel like I am part of a huge international community. It helped me to feel confident about my veganism right from the beginning. At that time I didn’t know any vegans in real life, and I still knew there were many like-minded people out there. Second, if you have access to the internet, blogging is an easy and cheap way of sharing ideas and information for free. And I probably wouldn’t think about cooking and baking that much if I didn’t have a blog. The blog documents how I developed some of my cooking and all of my baking skills. If it wasn’t for Seitan Is My Motor, I would probably still bake from cake mixes.

How would you describe your blog?
It’s a recipe blog that documents my experiences with vegan cooking, developing recipes, trying out new ingredients or flavor combinations.

What is your favorite food blog?
Have Cake Will Travel by Celine Steen. Her blog was one of the first food blogs I discovered. I loved Celine’s original recipes and her amazing writing skills.

Any advice for aspiring food bloggers?
Just start! A blog is a great place where you can post whatever comes to your mind. There are endless possibilities.

In a desert-island scenario, what three food items would you bring with you?
A loaf of whole rye sourdough bread, a bag of potatoes, a can of chickpeas.

What do you like best about being vegan?
I am vegan for ethical reasons. I am very glad I made that decision and I try to live my life as cruelty-free as possible. Knowing to have made the right decision and not having to make excuses anymore for consuming animal products is what I like best about being vegan.

What is your least favorite defensive-omnivore question/argument?
I don’t get that much negative feedback. Most people are curious about my lifestyle and their questions are honest. I’ve not always been vegan and I remember that I asked the same questions and made the same excuses. Using animals is such a huge part of our culture that it is really difficult for most people to look behind the scenes.

Now, just TRY to restrain yourself from holing up in your apartment for a week, baking all of her recipes, and slipping into the happiest carb-induced coma the world has ever seen. Photo by Mihl, of course.

Marla Wick lives in a small town in Sonoma County with one lucky fella and two cats. When she’s not practicing a perfect 1/4” dice or looking for work, she blogs at Vegan Squared and Bully Pulp.

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