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I’ve been in love with vegetables for years now, but not until I met Phat Beets Produce had I fallen in love with a CSA. Seriously, I wrote them a love letter once. Now you can fall in love too, when you go to their Friendraiser Party at their Dover Street community garden in North Oakland on Saturday, July 16 Friday, July 15 (that’s tomorrow today)!

From 6:30 to 8 p.m. they’ll host a casual, picnic-style hangout complete with vegan appetizers and “mocktails,” which I assume are fancy cocktails without the booze (if that’s a problem, I’ve got one word for you: flask). Feel free to bring eats to share, and take along a blanket to stay for “a family-friendly movie in the park, TBD, which will begin after dark.”

No lie, the goal is to seduce you into signing up for their Beet Box CSA, but that’s for your own good.

Here’s why Phat Beets is special:

  1. Their CSA box is super user-friendly. Back in March, when a certain other produce box was giving me more greens and kiwi than I could fathom eating, Phat Beets gave me really useful stuff, like lemons, potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, oranges, and strawberries. Their mission is to encourage healthy eating, so it makes sense that you don’t need to be an expert to handle their farm box. I love me some six pounds of kohlrabi for three weeks straight, but even more I love me a CSA provider who makes it easy to eat vegetables.
  2. They have a stellar mission. Phat Beets is a “food justice collective” that started with a guerilla produce stand and now runs two small farmer’s markets and an urban garden. “Healthy Food is a Human Right,” says they. “What is lacking is not food, but the political will to fairly distribute food regardless of the recipient’s ability to pay.”
  3. Their farmer’s markets have attitude, are cheap, and in underserved locations. Learn things like bike maintenance and how to make jam at the workshops they hold at one of their little scrappy markets every weekend!
  4. They support small and minority farmers. Instead of sourcing from a single farm, like many CSAs, Phat Beets works with a bunch of farmers, especially those of color or those with tiny little operations, to connect them to a market for their food.
  5. Two of their founding members are vegan caterers.

There are more reasons I love this organization, but don’t take it from me, just GO to the event. You’re welcome.

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