Vegan sneaks for a good cause  »

Check it out! For the month of September, my favorite vegan sneaker company, Keep, and online store will donate proceeds (not sure how much) from the sale of Keep sneakers to Greenpeace to help clean up the Gulf oil spill. Huzzah!

Keep made me sad when they stopped offering the insane variety of color and pattern choices they used to have. Seriously, it was crazy; they had like 12 different color choices for each sneaker and I loved it. Now they only offer a few choices for each sneak! Lame! But they are still the dopest vegan sneakers around and I still love them. But guess what? It looks like has some of the old sneaker models Keep doesn’t sell anymore! Exciting! To me! I have these fly-ass shoes, “The Nuss,” (pictured left) which Keep still sells but not in this pattern anymore. These shoes are the hotness and I get like a million compliments an hour when I wear them. I like to call them my Pacific Northwest skater shoes. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

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