Sea lions to SF: peace out  »

OK seriously you guys, What. The. Hell. The Pier 39 sea lions, after living on the docks for 20 years, just got up and left. As in, gone, moved out, didn’t even ask for the security deposit back.

The sea lions had been a fixture of Pier 39 since moving in after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. Tourists loved them. Hell, I loved them. There was always something really satisfying about seeing animals take possession of human habitat for a change. But now? Gone.

No one knows why either, though there are theories, ranging from superstitious (“oh noezles another big earthquake!”) to science: thousands of new California sea lions were spotted recently off the coast of Oregon, and it’s believed that they’re chasing after cold water fish that would have migrated north. So yeah, we can probably blame that bitch climate change.

My own pet theory? Great white sharks. If more sharks are swimming into the Bay, and less food is hanging around, the sea lions may have decided enough was enough.

Left photo: Wallyg on Flickr. Right photo: @GarySoup. Composite via Wired.

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