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[This poor turtle got his leg burned and it had to be amputated. Poor guy! I’m glad they gave him a wheel but am I the only one who thinks this wheel is kind of difficult to maneuver? He’s using it kind of like a stub, it looks like.]

Brooklyn Bliss is doing a giveaway for a four-piece Paul Labrecque curly hair care kit valued at $92! They tell me the brand is vegan. Go enter or whatever, you curly-headed bastards.

The NYT has the story on what happens when you get rid of top predators. It’s bad. Didn’t we talk about this last week? I could look but I am tired and it’s hot.

Here’s a dumb article about locavorism vs. not eating meat. What if you eat neither meat NOR dairy?

Pikas are a real animal and they are really cute and they are in danger!

Apparently they have less cattle in America so beef costs are going up. I’m sure they can just get more from the Amazon! Slash and burn, baby!

Here are some stories from people who had terrible health issues that went vegan and got healthy!

Peru has banned wild animals in circuses! Huzzah!

The Milk Board makes an apology for their crazy-ass PMS campaign! Shocker.

In South Dakota, 1,500 cows died from heat exhaustion. Poor ranchers, am I right? Guys, they will lose money!

Fucking Saratoga and their horse races.

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