BREAKING NEWS: Pinko’s Vegan Mercantile is coming to the Mission in May! Congratulations, San Francisco!  »

WE ARE SO EXCITED! Look what we just read on Facebook!

I’m super, dooper, ridiculously excited to FINALLY announce that my favorite person, Rod Middleton, and I are FINALLY opening a lil’ vegan shoppe!! It’s called Pinko’s Vegan Mercantile, because we’re pinkos and we’re vegan and we have stuff to sell! In all the years we’ve been vegan, we’ve been utterly confused by the fact that the San Francisco Bay Area was lacking its own exclusively vegan shoppe. We’ve FINALLY decided we just cannot take it anymore, so we’re making it happen! Much to our delight (and surprise) everyone that we’ve told (mostly non-vegans) has been incredibly excited, supportive, encouraging, and confident about the sure success of the shop. It seems people agree with us about now being a really good time for this idea to have FINALLY hatched.

We’ve been mulling over ideas of this nature for a couple of years. We’ve come close a couple times to opening some version of this idea, but this is truly the best of all the options we’ve ever seen or considered. That’s why, despite the fact that we had tabled the idea—which meant we were not ready to open asap—we realized we had to jump on this space. Our little shoppe is on Valencia Street, one block south of Market. The rent is mind boggling for that street and area. Our landlord is the most pleasant man, and though he’s not vegan, he thinks our idea is great and he’s almost more excited than we are. Our shop’s neighbors are a small upscale cafe that’s hoping to open this week. We met them last week and they were also super excited about our idea. They told us they already have a vegan sandwich and vegan empanadas on their menu, but they’re looking forward to working with us to create even more vegan items! Yippee!

When we first looked at the space, we knew Valencia St was a good address, but we hadn’t yet realized the many, many ways the location is going to be truly amazing for our shoppe.

  • Our shop sits right where the über hip neighborhoods, the Mission, the Castro, and Hayes Valley all meet. And, it’s just one block from where Muni trains in and out of downtown let visitors off to begin their trek through the super-vegan-friendly Mission.
  • The ever-popular Valencia St. bike lane goes right in front of our space.
  • Our store’s facade can be seen clearly by every single car that enters and exits the freeway at Market St. and we are just one block from both the Division and Market St. entrances and exits from the freeway.
  • We are just around the corner from the local health food co-op for folks who will be going there before or after visiting us.
  • One of Off the Grid’s mobile food truck events happens all day every Saturday—right in front of the shoppe—and though it attracts loads and loads of folks, it typically does not offer vegan foods.
  • Zeitgeist, an iconic, always-packed, and very large bar (with the biggest and best backyard in the whole city) is right on the same block as us.
  • Across from Zeitgeist, the popular-amongst-vegans-restaurant, Burma Super Star, is building a new Mission outpost.
  • An upscale vintage collective across from us has just expanded to the second floor and is selling fun, pricey stuff. (pricey = good for us)
  • Our block offers a large public parking lot but the streets around our shop also have plenty of metered spots.
  • My dear friend works in a vegan-owned salon two blocks down from us.
  • The clothing store next to the salon recently told me their Spanish-based company has made a commitment to the environment, so now they are producing exclusively vegan clothing and accessories!
  • Further down Valencia, there are numerous vegan-friendly eateries and tons of interesting shops and curiosities for visiting vegans that can now stop at our shop first to begin their days of fun and exploration by stocking up on snacks, nourishment, and travel advice.

Pinko’s Vegan Mercantile is going to take a little time to pull together, so when we take occupancy on May 1, we’re going to bring in assorted vintage merchandise we’ve been buying, selling, and collecting for years. We’ll run Pinko’s Vintage Pop-Up Shop while we get everything set up for the Mercantile’s official opening. All proceeds from the Pop-Up Shop will go directly to building the Vegan Mercantile. So please come by, shop, introduce yourselves, tell us what you’d like from your local vegan shoppe, and spread the word!

Pinko’s Vegan Mercantile is coming! Pinko’s Vegan Mercantile is coming!

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