Cooking with the Vegan Zombie: pizza rolls! I just watched this whole 10-minute video even though I’m like not cooking or anything and it was pretty entertaining. For one, I think I found my date to the veggie prom! But also, I feel like I’ve never wanted something more than I want a pizza roll right now at this minute. Right? I’m kind of upset now. How come I never have any pizza rolls! LIFE BLOWS.

Oh wait so how do you guys pronounce Daiya? He uses the new pepper jack flavor in the recipe and he pronounces it like “day-ya.” Is that right? I always say it like “die-ya” but I’m notorious for mispronouncing things. It actually makes up 40 percent of my charm. The other 60 percent is misspellings and malapropisms!

Update: Laura has some thoughts on this post: “I asked the Daiya people and it’s pronounced “day-ya”, so your charm percentage is still on track. Also, Jonas makes pizza rolls semi-professionally, AND THEN HE DEEP FRIES THEM. They are ridiculous. We once had a party almost turn into a riot when he ran out of rolls before guests (MARK SHRAYBER) ate their (HIS) fill. Cons: we lost a lot of good friends that night. Pros: now we know who our real friends are; dozens of people were saved from adult-onset diabetes.”

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