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Resident consumer here, with a review of more free stuff. This time, it’s these summery VivoBarefoot cuties sent to me by the good people at Planet Shoes. The first ones I chose sold out right before I tried to get them, so I settled for these (“settled”—they were free shoes). I definitely wanted to try out the “barefoot technology,” plus these had a  removable, washable insole, and my feet have the STANK, y’all.

Not pictured: my feet and unshaven calves, because they are disgusting.

These say they run true to size, so I rolled with European size 39 (that’s 8.5 in real sizes). They’re described as “beige,” but I like to think of them as “yellow.” VivoBarefoot takes advantage of the recent barefoot running trend (or maybe it’s just a trend among my Facebook friends), so most of their shoes are marketed toward runners. I, however, tend to run about 10 steps before collapsing in pain, so I went with the more casual-looking shoe.

The first time I wore them, I left my home in San Francisco to go to Souley Vegan in Oakland, which involved quite a bit of walking. To be honest, I wasn’t psyched at first. My feet were sweaty (I didn’t have socks), and my calves were a mite sore. I guess this is what walking in bare feet would be like? Do padded, cushioned shoes make walking easier? I definitely felt the earth move under my feet, if you know what I mean. Even though I could feel the gravelly bits and sewer grates, it didn’t hurt, probably due to the super-thin yet puncture-resistant soles. It’s worth noting that the shoes didn’t cause blisters or pressure my ingrown toenails or bother my plantar fasciitis the first time I wore them, which is unusual for me. Everything is wrong with my feet.

As I became more used to the “barefoot” walking sensation the more often I wore them, I really started to like them more. Screw those weird “toning” shoes; walking with barefoot shoes makes me STRONG! Plus they look super-cute with skinny jeans and a wifebeater-style tank top.

Would you like Vegansaurus to review your product? We would (probably) like to review it! Get in touch! Thanks to PlanetShoes for all the vegan shoes!


Winter boot round-up from Planet Shoes!  »

Hey people! You know I have fly shoes and now that I’m back on the East Coast where we got the snow, I began to worry about my superdope boots! I don’t want the rain and snow to ruin them! AND THEN! Reader Shelly P. sent us these Patagonia boots to check out as they are made of all kinds of vegan materials! Perfect timing, Shell-boogie! (today only! Free nicknames!) So I was looking for the boots online (you know, the internets) and found them along with several other nice winter boots on, who has a lovely vegan shop. Let’s check them out!

First, we have the Patagonia boot that inspired this round-up. It’s pretty dope. I like the whole handle thing it’s got going on, seems very practical. And you know me! Señora Practical Shoes! But for real, I’m always like, Why the heck do I not own a shoehorn? The shoehorn is really some genius time-tested technology. It should totally be added to the Simple Machines list. I know, right?

Next we’ve got the Earth Pride boot. I like the fake shearling and it comes in plum—purple is so hot right now. So hot.

This is a hemp boot from Simple. Look jerks, I’m not a hippy! These are just kind of cool and look a little rough and tumble. Or rififi as les French say. Damn, I’m always teaching you guys stuff. Congratulations!

All right all right, here’s your round-up wild card: the Acorn Ergo bootie! I know, they look a little ridiculous. Truth be told, I could do without the embroidery but I think it’s quiet enough over the charcoal color. These could be totally fly with some skinny jeans, for real. And like all the others, they are waterproof! SHWING! (today only! Wayne’s World exclamations!)

OK, that is your winter boot round-up—for the time being! Stay warm! And classy!

[images courtesy Planet Shoes]

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