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You guys, I got free boots. And they are amazing.

PlanetShoes contacted Vegansaurus in January to see if we’d be interested in sampling their services. After some editorial discussion, I decided that as I’m totally in this for personal gain—presents, money, the adulation of anonymous masses—then yes, it would be a really great idea if they sent me a free pair of vegan shoes to review.

Knowing I would soon be living in the republic of Georgia, which in the winter is a snowy country and in the spring a wet one, I thought, how about wellies? Or even better, insulated wellies! I chose this pair, the Earth Elite Vegan. In leopard, because animal prints work best when used unconventionally (or at least not as underpants, ugh).

One of my feet is nearly a half-size smaller than the other, which is spectacularly inconvenient, but I wear a between U.S. women’s sizes 7 and 8, so at least I can always find shoes to (mostly) fit. In a dream world, they’d sell shoes individually, but this is real life and not even clothes-by-weight places will sell you single shoes, so I ordered a 7.5 and hoped.

The boots arrived just a week before I was scheduled to leave, so I didn’t get much time to break them in. The first time I wore them outdoors, actually, was to walk through the sleet in Tbilisi to fill a prescription before my disgusting cold and I left for the village where I’d live the next four months. They kept my feet warm and dry, so I was pleased.

I was more pleased the more I wore them, which was between once a week and daily during February, March, and April. The seasons have been weird and late in Georgia since their snowless winter and utterly freezing-cold January and February. March, too was cold and wet, and while it’s warmed up for spring it still rains almost daily. Meaning, I’ve really made use of these boots! They fit snugly over tights and tights-and-socks (noting I have like average-size calves), and the fleecy lining kept my feet and legs toasty warm. Actually, they’re too well insulated for warmer-weather rain, but for winter (and presumably autumn) they’re ideal. The soles are comfortable, although they didn’t keep my feet from freezing on the cement floors in the unheated school; I don’t count that against them, I have a condition.

Walking on Earth Shoe soles is weird; I may have been the only woman in Georgia wearing fashion! boots that made her shorter. They are quite comfortable though. And the zippers are nearly waterproof! I tested this one March day by wading into a knee-deep, freezing cold river; the boots let in a negligible amount of water right on the zipper line, which dried very quickly after I got out. Because they’re fitted to your leg, water can’t splash over the top, so all of you covered by boot is protected in whatever weather. They make a lovely squeaking sound when you knock them together, and they are really easy to clean. They protected me from rain, puddles, mud, and other perils of a two-kilometer walk to school over a partially paved road, and you can roll up the legs to pack them with ease.

What I’m saying is, I love these boots. You might, too! Why not buy a pair? Oh, because it’s going to be summer soon and it hardly rains at all in California, let alone in the summer—well, they’re on sale NOW, so maybe taking advantage of that would be smarter than thinking about shoe purchases in the short term? MAYBE. Or don’t buy them, whatever. I had warm and dry feet all snowy/sleety/rainy/hail-y winter/spring long, these boots are great. And they come in colors like black and red and whatever if you’re not ready for/you’re not looking for the extra attention drawn by leopard print. Earth Shoes! Worn by hippie weirdos AND your Vegansaurus!

Would you like Vegansaurus to review your product? We would (probably) like to review it! Get in touch! Thanks to PlanetShoes for the vegan boots, they really are excellent.

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