San Jose now has a Veggie Grill and an all vegan pizza joint!  »

The South Bay is popping off, my friends! Let’s all move to San Jose! JKJKJKJK. But on the real, let’s visit. 

First up, THE WORLD FAMOUS VEGGIE GRILL! Opened in San Jose a couple weeks ago, it’s the tasty bomb. Veggie Grill is a hit down in the Los Angeles area and recently made a move to Portland, too. This is our SF Bay Area first outpost of this relatively healthy and extremely delicious mini-chain! It’s on Santana Row which means nothing to me, but there you have it. I CANNOT WAIT TO EAT THERE. Until then, let’s stare at a picture of a Chicken Caesar Wrap from my last visit down South:


And there’s also a FULLY VEGAN PIZZA JOINT in San Jose! Plant Based Pizza looks to be the most delicious, and I want to eat everything on their menu. Calzones, stromboli, hamburgers, hot dogs, a million kinds of pizza! It sounds like paradise!

It’s in the Willow Glen area of San Jose, which, again, means nothing to me, but might mean everything to you. People on Yelp are all about the Hawaiian and Indian pizzas, and while this pic from their site looks like they’re not using Daiya, the Yelp photos tell a different story. Maybe they’re still ironing out who they’re going to be?! Either way, let’s check this shit out and support a vegan pizza joint, OK!?



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