Vegan MoFo: England’s Knickerbocker Glory!  »

We’re back for the second day of INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE VEGAN MOFO! It’s back to Jolly Old England for this installment, straight to Pogo Cafe, a vegan anarchist collective that also happens to serve bomb vegan food!

Whilst there, I consumed many tasty treats there but the standout was for sure the Knickerbocker Glory, a hodgepodge (SO BRITISH) of every sweet deliciousness on earth, from custards to ice cream to chocolate sauce to caramel sauce to jam to god fucking knows what else. I love how seriously the British take dessert, it’s V. IMPORTANT. They must eat every sweet thing mixed together and they must eat several tons of it. I also love that they call dessert,”pudding.” It automatically makes me feel like the fat kid I am when I’m all, “I’ll have one giant pudding with extra pudding, please!”┬áThere’s something so adorable about it.

This dessert blew my g-d mind; it was absolutely perfect and wonderful (or “brilliant,” as ye chaps and chippees would say, I have no idea what I’m talking about, etc.) in every way. I went straight Augustus Gloop on it, it was disgusting and amazing and maybe even a little sexual? If you’re ever in London, make the trek to Pogo Cafe for the most dynamite dessert of all time!

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