Polluted English waterways are shrinking otters’ penis bones  »


All the harmless-to-us chemicals we humans are flushing down our sinks and toilets have effects on the creatures living in our waterways. In England, otters, which made a valiant comeback after being nearly wiped out by chemical pollution, are now turning up with smaller penis bones, which scientists believe is linked to modern contaminants.

Dr Chadwick said: “With many of these contaminants, there can be all sorts of different sources… so it might be things like drugs that we’re taking and they flush through our sewerage systems and end up in the rivers.”

She added that dust from industrial production travelling into the atmosphere could also carry contaminants that end up in rivers as rainfall, even travelling long distances between countries.

Sorry, otters. All those lovely Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals that help us thrive are slowly murdering you.

"People are very quick to say: otters are in our rivers. That must mean rivers are perfect, they’re so clean, everything’s fine again… but it’s not really that simple," said [Countryfile director Anna ] Jones.

[Photo by Keven Law via Flickr]


Plastic trash inside our albatrosses: “fun” on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge!  »

[can’t see the video? watch it on]

Remember those shocking pictures of the dead baby albatrosses with the bellies full of plastic from last year? Well the problem hasn’t magically gone away (I hate when that happens!). Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, where those pictures were taken, released a video last month that’s pretty depressing. John Klavitter, who manages the refuge, says the whole plastic-in-the-belly thing, they see that every day. The first dead albatross he walks up to is full of bottle caps and other plastic crap.

Oy, I’m such a dick with my water bottles! OK, I’m going to start actually using my Sigg. You all heard it, let it be done.



A scary PSA about plastic and marine life courtesy of the Surfrider foundation as part of their Rise Above Plastics campaign. Warning: DOWNER.

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