Head to Pop’s today to raise $$ for dogs!  »

There’s a new shelter dog rescue in town and they need funds! Northern California Family Dog Rescue looks super wonderful and what better way to support them to go to Pop’s Bar (800 24th Street at York in the Mission in SF) today, Sunday, January 23rd, from 5-8 p.m., and drink your little heart out for the dogs! Here’s the Facebook event for all the details or you know, just go there. And drink. A lot. Get shit faced. It’s for the animals, okay? 

From the FB event page:

There will be a adoptable dogs, baked goods for sale, and free dog treats!! Also, a percentage of the bar proceeds between 5-8pm will be donatated to the rescue!

If you’d like to help, you can bring something for the bake sale, or a cash donation to help with vet costs etc.. They will also have information on volunteering at the shelter.

I don’t know if any of the baked goods will be vegan but maybe?? Actually, especially if YOU bring something, right? if not, DRINKS DRANKS DRUNKS.

Here’s Zippy, he’s for adoption so FOR GOD’S SAKE ADOPT HIM:


What to do this weekend!  »

OK, we’re here to help with your weekend plans. We’re gonna get you pregnant this weekend! Or we’re at least gonna get you so fat you look pregnant. Lez do this.

FRIDAY NIGHT (that’s tonight if you’re not good with days, like me! Happy Thursday!)
“Local Flavor” art exhibition at Fabric8
; opening tonight at 7, a food event every Friday through Nov. 1. DO IT. 

If you’re at BlogHER Food, come see me (Laura!) on a panel about cuisine ambassadors reppin’ the vegans! Say hi. Please. I’m ascurred.

It’s the last weekend for Beats ‘n’ Brunch and so get your ass down their asap. This will be happening on both Saturday and Sunday and you’ll be there both days!

Go lay in the park, it’s gonna be a beauuuutiful day. If you want, you can hop on BART and go to Oakland for all sorts of amazing eating. Or what about Berkeley for some soft serve

OK, get up. Go do something good for the chickens by 
protesting against the sale of live chickens at the Heart of the City farmers’ market. DO IT HURRY, and then:

Head back to Beats ‘n’ Brunch and enjoy the very last day of deliciousness. 

Next, because all you do is eat, head to Pop’s for your FREE DELICIOUS PHILLY CHEESESTEAK, Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m. and learn it, live it, love it. 


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