Hey, Davey Havok, how’ve you been? Looking much sharper than 15 years ago when my brother first started playing your EPs, I must say. Nice to see you’re still living the vegan lifestyle!

Usually we don’t post every one of the 80 billion celebrity Peta ads because most celebrity Peta ads are fameballs looking to build their brand by taking off their clothes (like they’d ever spend money on a fur that they could spend on new glamour shots at a pumpkin patch, ahem), but little Davey Havok here has been vegan (and straightedge) for a long time, and he’s got a vegan clothing line called Zu Boutique whose website redirects to the site for his new book, Pop Kids, which you could win a copy of through peta2. The point is, he lives his truth or whatever, and I feel like we’d be doing the Vegansaurus readership a disservice not posting video of a handsome vegan man with a cat, so, here you go. Vegans 4ever.

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