Anyone tried the vegan sushirito yet!?  »

It’s a sushi burrito and San Francisco is going apeshit for it. Sushirito (yes, that’s the name) is only open during lunch and the line is HELLA long so none of our SOMA working affiliates have indulged. YET. There’s only one vegan options but it sounds to be the bomb: it’s called the Buddha Boy and it’s a tofu cutlet, miso eggplant, shiitake mushroom, Japanese gourd, avocado, shaved cabbage, daikon radish, green onion, and crumbled rice crisps. It’s all wrapped up in a large sheet of nori and you go crazy on it like you’re Anne Heche and it’s a big bottle of crazy. Did that make sense? I’m so very hungry.

Anyone tried it yet? Thoughts? 

Here is a crappy photo from Yelp. I am so hungry on this cleanse that I will now spend the rest of the day slowly petting my screen.

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