Adopt a rooster! They are rad and need your help!  »

Remember how there’s all those bunnies who need homes? Well, that’s not all! There’s a bunch of roosters who need a place to live and love and be crazy and rad, so can’t you adopt one

How about Mr. Karma? The awesome Marji from the awesome Animal Place writes: 

We received a call from a woman who rescued a bantam rooster after he was hit by a car in San Francisco. The little guy lost an eye, but is recovering well after a trip to the veterinarian. Not many people who have stopped for the little guy OR taken him to  a vet. While we have promoted him on our website and through our e-alert, we cannot take him in: we have 50 roosters to place from a hoarding case.

So, come on, do you have room for a rooster? Or know someone who does? Holler at Animal Place TODAY!

Stop reading now if you don’t want to know way too much about me. So. By the by, I’m currently listening to "Ingnition Remix" by R. Kelly. Also, if you don’t have Rdio yet, GET IT. You can listen to whatever you want all the time. Amazing. It’s like England’s Spotify but you gotta pay a little each month. But there’s a free trial! See what you think. Also, if you love R. Kelly as much as I do, you will go apeshit for his interview (conducted by Will Oldham!). OMG SO GOOD. You guys, he doesn’t know what 30 Rock is!? Seriously, WHO IS THIS MAN? It’s like he lives in an alternate universe where 2 + 2 = Cookie (tm, Mark Shrayber). OK, what this has to do with roosters is that they’re basically the R. Kelly of the animal kingdom: all crazy and awesome and independent and fabulous so ADOPT A ROOSTER!

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