“ There are some folks in animal agriculture who caricature HSUS, charging that we are trying to end animal agriculture. But why would we work jointly with the United Egg Producers if we were against all animal agriculture? Why would HSUS have a pig farmer serve as its VP of Outreach and Engagement who leads our Rural Affairs program? Why would we work with the Nebraska Farmers Union on marketing of humanely produced animal products? Why would I serve on the board of the Global Animal Partnership, which conducts an animal welfare rating program and certifies products from farmers who raise animals in humane and sustainable ways? „

Chuck Jolley, a longtime food industry PR king, read HumaneWatch’s latest eye-rollingly nonsensical “exposé” of HSUS, shockingly took HumaneWatch’s side, and then got to interview HSUS’s own Wayne Pacelle.

When asked what he would like to say to the readers of, the above quote is how Pacelle answered. From an abolitionist standpoint, it’s kind of mind-blowing, like, why should we support an organization that isn’t working toward abolishment of animal agriculture? But realistically speaking, isn’t it better to ensure food-raised animals have the best/least horrible life possible before people kill and eat them?

One day this debate will be settled, right? Before global warming makes life on Earth impossible and we all have to move to Mars, right?

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