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Hello! It’s gift guide time of year! I wanted to find some good stuff that would also do some good. First up is the necklace above!

Sunday Frill Necklace
This cute necklace is handmade in Uganda: “Curated by Invisible Children in partnership with 31 Bits: Using fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty.” And it’s adorable!


Terra Cotta Pizza Stone
This beauty is from Ten Thousand Villages. It’s sourced through HEED Handicrafts, a job creation project of HEED Bangladesh. And OMG everyone who has a pizza stone is completely obsessed with them! My brother is head over heels for his. Like whoa. So if you want some DIY type or amateur chef to think you’re awesome, get them this.


Science Club Binoculars & Wildlife Activity Journal
Dude, let’s be honest, kids are nerds. At least until about 12. They like nerdy stuff so I think these binoculars will knock the sox off of your little nephew or what have you. Plus proceeds benefit the Humane Society. Plus plus they can be spies!


Mercy For Animals T-shirts
What vegan doesn’t like a t-shirt? NO VEGAN! I love this Mercy For Animals t-shirt and I love Mercy for Animals so it’s perfect for a vegan in your life! Or any old kind person you know.


Lagusta’s Luscious Big Assortment
Now, if you really want to charm a vegan in your life—or any chocolate-lover for that matter—get them this giant chocolate assortment from Lagusta’s Luscious! The pic speaks for itself. Especially because when I downloaded it, the file name was “new_big_ass.” Hilar!


Vegan Cuts’ New York for the Holidays Care Pack
Is there anyone you want to send a little New York goodness to? Then check out this new care package from Vegan Cuts. It’s filled with all kinds of stuff—including Sandcastle cookies!


Brave Gentleman’s Innovator
If you want to go all out, these Brave Gentleman shoes are AMAZING and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. And they are vegan and ethically made. If you want to go partially out, Brave Gentleman has some nice belts and wallets too. 


Lil Bub tote
Do you have a hip friend or family member? Perhaps they are Lil Bub fans? Or they should be? BECAUSE EVERYONE SHOULD BE! Then a Lil Bub tote is a great, inexpensive gift. It’s totes current and it would make a great farmer’s market bag. Plus, a portion of the proceeds go to some of Bub’s favorite animal charities. Plus plus, OMG BUB I LOVE YOU.


Found Dog Bed
If you want to go big for your own little (or big) animal friend, I like this bed from Found. This bed is handmade in Brooklyn by this dog rescue-focused brand. And it’s made super sustainably! But built to last. 


Happy Carrot
If you know a kitty who needs a present, I’m into this Happy Carrot from Purrfect Play! It’s made in America with organic materials (mostly cotton) including organic catnip. They also donate 5% of sales to animal shelters. My Mitsy is BOUT IT for catnip! 


Miakoda’s Crocheted Fingerless Gloves
Are you shopping for a fashion plate? Then these pretty fingerless gloves would be a super cute present. Great for biking in the fall or playing outdoor music! These are made in the US and they aren’t made with icky wool. 


Green Toys Tool Set
OMG how much do I want this tool set?! Well actually I have a grownup pink tool set already so not that much. But when I was ten? All I wanted was a tool set and they never got me one! I would have been over the moon for this. And it’s made with recycled materials with super sustainable methods, etc etc etc. 

And that’s your Vegansaurus Good Gift Guide! Happy holidays to you and yours. 


Vegan Package Swap! Because nothing’s better than vegan presents!  »


You know what everyone likes? Presents. Unfortunately for most of us grown-ups, the opportunities for receiving presents are few and far between. Maybe a birthday, maybe a wintertime religious-ish holiday, but beyond that, we have to make our own fun.


All About Vegan Food has organized an international vegan package swap, a deal that allows you to give and receive some fun vegan surprises in the mail. It’s a monthly project—though participants can opt in and out as schedule/budget/life allows—which basically means that every month is birthday month, and the presents will always be vegan-approved.

The rules are as follows:

1. The Vegan Package Swap is open to everyone in the world. You don’t need to be vegan to be part of it but all goodies in the packages MUST be vegan. 

2. You need to register to the website to take part (just once) and you will receive monthly emails to confirm your participation within 72 hours around the 5th of each month.

3. On the 8th of each month, you’ll receive an email with the details of your match for that month.

4. Packages should have goodies up to the limit of $20 (or 15 Euro or equivalent in other currency).

5. The shipping deadline will be on the 15th of each month.

6. In the last week of each month you will receive an email to evaluate the package you received and the user (to help us to keep the quality of the project).

It’s too late to join for the March swap [UPDATE: It’s not too late to enter the March swap! Subscribers until the end of February can take part in it] but you can totally get in for April! Register at All About Vegan Food, follow the instructions, and start thinking about your presents. Do you want to give and receive more than just food? Do you want to exchange international packages, or stay continental? The choices are yours.

This isn’t the first-ever vegan package swap, but per All About Vegan Food, it is well organized and easily customizable. The more participants, the more chances everyone has to discover amazing vegan items! Plus you get to be selfish (getting stuff) and selfless (giving stuff) every month!

Contact All About Vegan Food with any questions; otherwise, let’s get to swappin’.


Save money and help animals with Boygirlparty!  »

Happy news! When you use the coupon code “VEGANSAURUS” on Boygirlparty’s Etsy store, you will get 10 percent off your order AND Boygirlparty will donate an additional 10 percent of the sale to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary! Huzzah! The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is a magical place that deserves our help, PLUS this stuff is so cute! It’s a win-win! Bonus: Susie Ghahremani, the crazy talented artist behind Boygirlparty, is super committed to eco-friendly printing—a win-win-win!

Susie also says that if you want to forgo your discount, she will donate 20 percent of your purchase to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary—just don’t use the coupon code and leave a note at checkout! You saintly bastard! 

Everything in her store is adorbs, but here are my favorite things! First of all, try not to die from the sweetness of these mini notebooks:

I want to take these tiny books and write tiny genius thoughts in them.

And I love this octopus to-do list notepad:

I don’t know if your mom is anything like mine, but my mom is ALL ABOUT to-do lists. Like, cray cray. I’m sure any to-do list enthusiast would be super happy to get this! Or get it for yourself and get your shit done in the cutest way possible. 

Susie has also created a bunch of sweet recipe cards, like this elephant one:

Kick it old-school with handwritten recipes! Or bust out the typewriter and type them up. People will think you are cool.

The holidays are coming up and a nice notebook like this owl one always makes a good present:

It’s cute and useful! And in these superficial and overcrowded times, it’s all about the aesthetics of utility. That’s my word.

There’s also a ton of really pretty cards but I especially like this bird notecard set:

It’s super classy to mail people cards. Nobody does it anymore. People don’t even give cards with presents! But you give someone this card and they can stand it up like a little piece of art and you will be an old-world hero. 

So those are my top picks! Susie also has great shirts and jewelry so check those out as well. Now, get to shoppin’ for a good cause!

[All photos by Renée Chartier]

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